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Journalists Fear Elon Musk’s Pravduh Will Use GamerGate-Style Criticism Of Media
Elon Musk GamerGate

Elon Musk recently purchased Pravduh.com, and is moving forward with opening up a ratings and curation website that ranks and…

Elon Musk Acquires Pravduh.com; Corrupt Journalists Will Soon Face Credibility Ratings
Elon Musk

Entrepreneurial playboy Elon Musk has announced that his journalist rating website has been registered under the domain Pravduh.com, since Pravda.com…

Elon Musk Wants To Open Deep Freeze-Style Website For Corrupt MSM Journalists
Elon Musk Pravda

Gamers grew tired of corruption in their medium, so they decided to fight back. Normies laughed from the side-lines but…

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