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Em8er Teases Super Sexy Female Walking Animations
Em8er Darla

Crixa Labs’ Em-8ER is still slowly moving through the development process, but we’re getting tidbits and pieces of new content…

Em8ER Will Have A Butt Slider For Customizable Characters
Em8ER Butt Slider

Crixa Labs’ Em8ER is an upcoming mech versus kaiju MMO being headed up by legendary developer Mark Kern. Recently on…

Em8ER Will Never Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive, Says Mark Kern

Mark Kern, the creative director for the mech-themed MMO, Em8ER, announced that he supports the freedoms of Hong Kong. He…

Em-8ER Dev Update Covers Mech Design Progress, Pilot Animations

The latest developer diary for the planetary war game, Em-8ER, was recently released, giving gamers a look at what sort…

Em-8ER: Mechs Vs Kaiju Wargame Seeks Funds On IndieGoGo

#GamerGate alum and shitlord extraordinaire, Mark Kern, graduated from Red 5 Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and working on various other projects…

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