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The Escapist Lawsuit: Russ Pitts Claims That Deleting Tweets Wasn’t Destroying Evidence
Russ Pitts

Additional court documents have been made available for public perusal courtesy of Robert B. Marks, who is suing Enthusiast Gaming…

The Escapist Lawsuit Documents Outline Allegations Of Russ Pitts Abusing Staff
Russ Pitts Lawsuit

[Update 12/18/2018:] As the legal costs are starting to add up, Marks has started a GoFundMe page to help cover…

Escapist Magazine Lawsuit Sees Russ Pitts Trying To Liken Right-Wing Politics With Nazism
The Escapist

The libel and defamation lawsuit that former Escapist contributor Robert B. Marks filed against Enthusiast Gaming and The Escapist Magazine…

Lawsuit Moves Forward Regarding Escapist Editor-In-Chief Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right Comments
The Escapist

A former contributor for The Escapist, Robert Marks, is moving forward with the libel suit against the new owners of…

Escapist Magazine’s No Politics Policy Enrages Game Journalists, SJW Activists
The Escapist

The Escapist Magazine is coming back. Enthusiast Gaming, the current parent company over Destructoid, is reviving the gaming outlet. They…

The Escapist Is Coming Back And Will Leave Politics At The Door
The Escapist

The Enthusiast Gaming network recently purchased The Escapist. The outlet was on its death throes after skimming down its staff…

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