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FTC Investigating Loot Boxes, ESA Responds By Wrongfully Defending Loot Boxes

According to a recent report from GamesIndustry.biz, as the Federal Trade Commission begins an investigation into Facebook and Google over…

E3 2019 Scheduled To Kick-Off On June 11th, 2019

Although E3 2018 is over and done with, reveals from the Electronic Entertainment Expo are still popping up as we…

White House Summit For Video Game Violence Included Reps From 2K Games, ESA, ZeniMax

The summit involving talks between Congress and the video game industry heads wasn’t just a talk between the gaming industry…

ESA Says Video Games Aren’t The Issue, America’s Gun Violence Is The Issue
Video Game Violence

President Donald Trump has been putting a strong focus on media and video game violence following the high school shooting…

State Rep Chris Lee Gives Update On ESA Lobbyists Attempting To Stop Loot Box Bill

Democratic member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, Chris Lee, has another video on microtransaction mechanics and how they are…

U.S. Gaming Industry Generated $36 Billion In 2017; Tencent Top Mobile Publisher
U.S. Game Sales 2017

The ESA and the NPD Group jointly published a press release report over on the ESA’s official website. The report…

ESA Muddies Gaming Stats Between Male And Female Gaming Demographics
ESA Stats

The Entertainment Software Association released their 2017 study breaking down gaming demographics and market diversity. They outline percentages of different…

U.S. Games Industry Sales Eclipsed $30 Billion In 2016

The Entertainment Software Association recently announced that video game software sales in the United States eclipsed $24.5 billion in 2016….

SJWs Are Furious E3 2017 Is Open To Real Gamers
SJWs Hate Gamers

Most so-called “game journalists” at major mainstream media outlets aren’t real gamers. They don’t know how to play games (as…

E3 Will Be Open To The Public, Signaling The End Of SJW Media
E3 2016

I don’t go to gaming websites to learn about a journalist’s personal politics. Anyone trying to shove their own ideology…

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