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DC Comics’ Robbi Rodriguez Sends Butthole Pictures To #ComicsGate Activists
Goddess Mode

DC and Vertigo Comics’ Robbie Rodriguez, a co-creator for Zoe Quinn’s Goddess Mode, as well as a co-creator for Spider-Gwen,…

Cyberfrog Comic From Ethan Van Sciver Surpasses $93,000 On IndieGoGo
Cyberfrog Bloodhoney

Marvel and DC comic artist, Ethan Van Sciver, has started up his own crowdfunding for Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney. After Diversity &…

SJW Writers Attempt To Get Ethan Van Sciver Fired From DC Comics
Ethan Van Sciver

Polygon contributor and Comic Book Resource writer, Kieran Shiach, is continuing to rally his followers in an attempt to get…

Violence Erupts At Pizza Parlor Following Threats From SJWs, Says Ethan Van Sciver
Gotham City Pizza

A pizza parlor was vandalized as part of a failed attempted break-in. This happened shortly after threats of violence were…

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