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The Verge Takes Down Erroneous PC Building Video, Calls Criticism “Harassment”
The Verge

On September 14th, 2018 The Verge posted up a near 10 minute video teaching people how to build a high-end…

Stuck In A Web: How Game Journalism Lost Its Originality
Spider-Man Dump Truck

On September 7th, a thread was posted on Twitter with criticisms that the recent PS4 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man had turned the…

Brown University Retracts Press Release On Trans Study Following Complaints
Watch Dogs 2

Brown University is coming under fire from two different groups. In the first case, the university was pelted by Social…

Daily Dot’s Joseph Knoop Lies About #GamerGate Not Caring About IGN Firing Filip Miucin
Filip Miucin GamerGate

Daily Dot’s Joseph Knoop had an opinion article published on August 17th, 2018 claiming that #GamerGate didn’t care about IGN…

Game Journalists Complain #GamerGate Isn’t Angry Enough About IGN Firing Filip Miucin
Filip Miucin

Former IGN reviewer, Filip Miucin, was fired for plagiarizing reviews from other content creators. The topic was discussed across nearly…

IGN Fires Filip Miucin For Plagiarizing Dead Cells Review
IGN Fires Filip

IGN issued a public response on August 7th, 2018 detailing the outcome of their investigation into accusations of plagiarism by…

IGN Removes Dead Cells Review After Evidence Of Plagiarism Surfaces
Dead Cells IGN Plagiarism

[Update 8/8/2018: IGN has fired Filip Miucin for plagiarism] [Original story:] IGN has removed the Nintendo Switch review for Dead…

New York Times Defends Editor Sarah Jeong For Her Racist Tweets
Sarah Jeong

The New York Times recently hired in Sarah Jeong from The Verge to be a part of their editorial board….

IGN, PC Gamer, New York Times Spread Fake News About Saudi Arabia Banning Games
Saudi Arabia Game Ban

The Associated Press published a story on July 16th, 2018 titled “Saudi Arabia Bans Many Video Games After Children’s Deaths”….

ADL Discredits Their Own Efforts By Publishing Lies In Their Video Game Report
ADL GamerGate

The Anti-Defamation League published a report on the video game and VR industry, called “Hate in Social VR”. The report…

Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Verge And Rock Paper Shotgun Misreport Guild Wars 2 Firings
Guild Wars 2 Misreport

A number of websites have been covering ArenaNet firing two of its developers from the Guild Wars 2 staff. The…

ADL Claims #GamerGate Impacts Lives, Aims To Fight It With Social Engineering
GamerGate - Kukuruyo

In a recent interview published on June 29th, 2018 with Brian Crecente from Variety – who failed to disclose that…

Glixel At Rolling Stone Winds Down While Variety’s Disclosure Issues Rise Up

If you’ve noticed a stark lack of content coming out of the Rolling Stone’s gaming experiment called Glixel, it’s because…

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