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U.K. Government Establishes Security Unit To Tackle Fake News
Fake News Network

The U.K., government is establishing a security unit to tackle and curb the spread of “Fake News”. This will go…

Overwatch League Articles Misrepresenting Geguri Get Rebuked By E-Sports Consultant
Overwatch Geguri

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson — yes, the same Grayson who was responsible for destroying what little remained of video game journalism…

#GamerGate: The Verge Overhauls Ethics Policy
The Verge Gamergate

Four years later and the fight for better ethics in media journalism continues. Nevertheless, slowly but surely we’re seeing some…

NBC News Publishes Fake News, Edits Tweets To Blame #GamerGate For Harassment
NBC GamerGate

A NBC News segment called “How Discord Became The Alt-Right’s Favorite Organizing Platform: How Gamers Are Facilitating The Rise Of…

IGN Updates Ethics Policy For Humble Bundle, Will Add Disclosures To Reviews
IGN Humble Bundle Ethics

IGN’s Standards and Practices page was recently updated following IGN’s acquisition of the digital storefront, Humble Bundle. If you visit…

Polygon, Vox Will Update Public Disclosures Following #GamerGate’s FTC Campaign
Vivian James kawaii - kokosac

The watchdogs of #GamerGate still remain vigilant, keeping an ethical eye on various outlets who have, in the past, committed…

CBC’s The Current Misidentifies #GamerGate As A Harassment Campaign

An episode of The Current from CBC Radio, featuring Anna Maria Tremonti, purposefully misidentified #GamerGate as a harassment campaign during…

Destructoid Lets Jed Whitaker Go Following String Of Controversial Articles
Jed Whitaker GamerGate

Jed Whitaker recently took to Twitter to proclaim that he was “fired” from Destructoid. He claims that the new owner…

#GamerGate: Destructoid Updates Article After Misreporting Alex Mauer DMCA Case
Alex mauer GamerGate

Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes originally had a story published on the front page entitled “River City Ransom: Underground Taken Off Steam…

Engadget Defends CNN, Misinforms Readers About #GamerGate
Engadget CNN GamerGate

Engadget’s Jessica Conditt penned a piece entitled “Here’s why CNN isn’t ‘doxing’ anyone”. It was published on July 7th, 2017….

CNN Blackmailed The Wrong Person Posting Trump Memes
CNN Fake News

CNN posted a follow-up to their article about the Reddit user apologizing to CNN about making a meme featuring Donald…

CNN Blackmailed U.S. Citizen Into Apology Over Trump Meme, Argues Congressman
Trump vs CNN

A United Statements Congressman for Virginia and former Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to argue that CNN has…

CNN’s Van Jones Says Russia/Trump Story Is “Nothing Burger”
CNN Van Jones

There’s been further corroboration from those within CNN that the whole Donald Trump and Russia angle is a fabricated lie….

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