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FBI Investigating “It’s Okay to be White” Posters After Leftist Moral Panic

4chan is at it again having relaunched their “it’s okay to be white” campaign at Western Connecticut University. As with…

Leaked FBI Document Shows Black Identity Extremists Graver Threat than White Nationalists
Ghost of Jones

White Nationalism has become the mainstream media’s favorite boogeyman. More powerful than Gamergate – the Illuminati like organization of uber-Nazis…

FBI Visited 8chan User For Discussing New Zealand Shooting; FBI Also Posted Bait In 8chan
Counter Strike GO

There have been two interesting stories related to the FBI and 8chan. In one story the FBI visited an 8chan…

FBI Investigations Into Discord Included Child Grooming Groups, Identify Thieves

Discord has been the subject of multiple FBI investigations over the last two years, according to warrants acquired by Forbes….

FBI’s #GamerGate Case Is Now Accessible To The Public
GamerGate FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s #GamerGate case was originally made public back in December of 2016 through a FOIA. The…

FBI Closed #GamerGate Case Due To No Actionable Leads, Evidence

Despite the media claiming that #GamerGate was a harassment campaign, it turns out that those claims are part of a…

Huff Post Contributor Warned Of Clinton Foundation Corruption In E-Mail Leaks

The hard hits just keep coming for the Clinton campaign. This time a series of news stories surrounding the corruption…

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