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Fight Of Gods Adds Freyja DLC… While Still In Early Access
Fight of Gods Freyja

Digital Crafter and PQube did something that a lot of gamers are oftentimes not very fond of: they released some…

Fight Of Gods Gets Censured Again, This Time From Hindu Statesmen
Fight of Gods

PQube and Digital Crafter have managed to stir up the same kind of media furor that surrounded games like Mortal…

Malaysian Government Blocks Steam For Selling Fight Of Gods
Fight of Gods Banned

The Malaysian government has completely blocked access to Steam after the game Fight of Gods was released into Early Access…

Fight Of Gods Features Jesus, Odin, Zeus And Buddha Fighting, Sadly No Muhammad
Fight of Gods

Digital Crafter and PQube Limited recently released their fighting game Fight of Gods into Early Access on Steam. The side-scrolling…

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