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Donald Trump Makes Soul Calibur VI’s Character Creation Great Again
Soul Calibur VI Trump

There’s a high-quality created character making the rounds in the Soul Calibur VI scene, and it’s none other than business…

Soul Calibur 6 Critical Edge For 2B Blows Off Her Skirt, Revealing Leotard Thong
Soul Calibur 6 2B Thong

Just like in NieR: Automata where you can go through the process of self-destructing the android 2B, which causes her…

Touhou Pants Contest Tests Gamers’ Reflexes And Their Panty-Defense Skills
Touhou Pants Contest

SKB Game recently released Touhou Pants Contest onto the Steam store for $1.99. It’s part of the ongoing fan-fueled Touhou…

Midnight Wave, Cyberpunk Turn-Based RPG Fighter Takes To Kickstarter
Midnight Wave Kickstarter

Walthall Studios’ Midnight Wave is currently on Kickstarter at the moment, seeking $47,337. The game is 11% funded and still…

Dead Or Alive 6’s Yohei Shimbori Defends Loot Boxes Due To Rising Development Costs
Dead or Alive 6 Dev Costs

Producer and directory of Dead or Alive 6 recently spoke to GamingBolt about the upcoming fighting game. In the interview,…

Soul Calibur VI Female Nude Mod Now Available For Download
Soul Calibur VI Nude Mod

The main modder Sakura4 is back with another mod. This time it’s a mod for female nudes. The original mod…

Soul Calibur VI Nude Male Mod Has A Futa Feature
Soul Calibur VI Nude Mod

The first nude mod for Soul Calibur VI has become available for download courtesy of modder Sakura4 from the Undertow.club….

Brawlhalla Early Access Sign-Ups Go Live For Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Brawlhalla Nintendo Switch

Blue Mammoth Games announced that early access beta sign-ups for Brawlhalla have gone live for the Xbox One and Nintendo…

Soul Calibur VI Guide: How To Make Bowsette
Soul Calibur VI - Bowsette

Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI is hitting it off well with a lot of gamers the world around on both…

Soul Calibur 6 Guide: How To Create Kill La Kill’s Ryuko Matoi
Soul Calibur VI - Kill La Kill

There are already plenty of sexy ladies in Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur VI for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC,…

Soul Calibur VI Cheats Enable God Mode
Soul Calibur VI Cheats

Bandai Namco recently released Soul Calibur VI for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game is currently available as…

Soul Calibur 6: How To Make 2B From Nier Automata
Soul Calibur 6 2B Creation

Now that Soul Calibur VI is up and out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, gamers are making all sorts…

Bandai Namco Reveals Soul Calibur VI’s Launch Trailer

The latest installment in the Soul Calibur series of games, which is considered to be a pseudo-reboot, is about to…

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