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City Of Brass, Arabian Nights Action-Adventure Game Heads To Nintendo Switch February 8th
City of Brass

The former developers of BioShock teamed up to work on the game City Of Brass for PC and home consoles….

EA Refuses To Honor Origin’s Refund Policy For Star Wars: Battlefront
Great Game Guarantee

One gamer is stuck in a pickle as he’s not being granted a refund for Star Wars: Battlefront after he…

Dirty Bomb Goes Completely Free; Servers Shut Down At The End Of 2019
Dirty Bomb

Splash Damage announced that Dirty Bomb will be completely free as part of the developers saying “thank you” to the…

Rock Paper Shotgun Attempts To Deflect Blame From Media For Misreporting Overwatch Ellie Controversy
Sombra Overwatch

Nearly every major enthusiast gaming outlet decided to purposefully craft a gender identity narrative around a story about a female…

The Mary Sue Thanks Kotaku, ComicBook.com For Coverage Of Overwatch’s ‘Ellie’ Controversy Even Though It Was Proven To Be Fake News
Mary Sue Kotaku

On January 4th, 2019 Kaila Hale-Stern from The Mary Sue published an article complaining about the treatment of women in…

SegmentNext, Dot Esports Publish Fake News About Female Overwatch Player ‘Ellie’ Without Fact-Checking
SegmentNext Overwatch Fake News

There’s a growing list of websites who have decided that jettisoning their reputations out of the airlock of journalism in…

Game Informer, GameRant, ShackNews Post False Information About Female Overwatch Player Being Harassed When Facts Reveal It Was A Male
Shacknews Corruption

In late December of 2018 a player named “Ellie” was signed on to the Overwatch Contenders team called Second Wind….

Blizzard Bans Thousands Of South Korean Overwatch Accounts
Overwatch Bans

Kicking off the new year, Blizzard decided to sanction 1,916 accounts for the South Korean version of Overwatch, listing the…

Halo Total Conversion Mods Bring The Xbox Fan-Favorite To Arma 3
Arma 3 Halo

Since 343 Industries and Microsoft refuse to give Halo fans the kind of first-person shooter experience that they desire, modders…

Mad Hunting Simulator VR Attempts To Marry Environmental Realism And VR Hunting
Mad Hunter VR

Smartmove decided to get in on the virtual hunting genre with Mad Hunting Simulator VR, which sees players hunting down…

D.R.O.N.E., 6DOF Multiplayer Arena Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Back in the 1990s Descent was all the rage as the frontrunner of 3D 6DOF (six-degrees of freedom) games. Interplay’s…

RIP: Land-Air-Sea Aims To Become This Generation’s War Rock

There’s a new land, sea, and air action game in the works called RIP: Land-Air-Sea. It’s basically the new generation…

Metro: Exodus Last Hands-On Gameplay Event Is Set For January 25th, 2019

There’s good news for Metro: Exodus fans in that Deep Silver and 4A Games will let folks play the upcoming…

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