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Robocraft Infinity, Robot Crafting PvP Game Available On Xbox One For $19.99
Robocraft Infinity

Freejam announced that Robocraft Infinity is currently available for the Xbox One on the Xbox Store for $19.99.

Robocraft Royale, Mech-Based Battle Royale Game Enters Early Access March 26th
Robocraft Royale

Giant robotic beasts, aircraft, and mechanized fighters all jam packed into a sandbox arena where only the toughest (and smartest)…

Robocraft Royale Free Alpha Download Goes Live March 8th
Robocraft Royale

Freejam and GhostShark Games have teamed up together to announce that Robocraft Royale will be coming soon to PC. If…

Robocraft Beginner’s Guide: Here’s How To Learn The Basics Quickly

Robocraft is Freejam’s free to play sandbox multiplayer PvP game that seems to be pulling in quite the crowd. The…

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