Amnesia Rebirth Announced

Horror games have been one of my favorite genre for some time. There is a solace to be had in experiencing true trepidation as nightmares beyond or within your comprehension stalk you through a town, city, or whatever remote location you’ve found yourself. There is a joy in pushing past your limits and overcoming the nightmare you find yourself in. For years Frictional Games delivered such experiences, until after the release of Soma they just went silent. Continue reading “Amnesia Rebirth Announced”

Amnesia And SOMA Developer Teases New Project In The Works

The first-person horror games that came out more than years ago that helped shape the genre are best known as SOMA, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. And it looks like Frictional Games, the developers behind those games, is looking to add on to its portfolio according to a new URL tease. Continue reading “Amnesia And SOMA Developer Teases New Project In The Works”

SOMA Xbox One Review: Give me SOMA-Thing to Talk About

Soma Xbox One Review

SOMA, as you may know, is a two year old PC game from Frictional Games, the makers of the classic Amnesia survival horror slash walking simulator games which arguably kicked off a whole craze for slower paced, less action focused games. The Amnesia games were well known for creating an exceptionally atmospheric experience and whilst SOMA offers a drastic change in setting and theme, it certainly delivers on that same goal. Continue reading “SOMA Xbox One Review: Give me SOMA-Thing to Talk About”

SOMA Now Available On Xbox One With Safe Mode

Soma Safe Mode

Frictional Games sent out word that SOMA and the “Safe Mode” is now available on the Xbox One. The “Safe Mode” has also become available for PC gamers as well, giving them an opportunity to play through the underwater, futuristic horror game without having to worry about dying. Continue reading “SOMA Now Available On Xbox One With Safe Mode”

SOMA Is Coming To Xbox One With A “Safe Mode” That Will Be Perfect For Game Journalists

SOMA Xbox One

If you’re a video game journalist, chances are you aren’t a real gamer. You probably live with your parents, got by on a trust fund, flunked out of college for any meaningful courses that could be applied to make a decent living, or you’re a Marxist infiltrator with the express purpose of ruining the video game industry for real gamers like myself by turning it into a politically-charged wasteland.

Well, for those game journalists out there who hate video games, challenges, or anything in life that requires skill or effort, Frictional Games has you covered with the brand new “Safe Mode” for their horror-survival game SOMA, which is set to re-release on the Xbox One on December 1st. Continue reading “SOMA Is Coming To Xbox One With A “Safe Mode” That Will Be Perfect For Game Journalists”

SOMA Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Frictional Games’ SOMA is now available for PC and PS4. The game is a first-person, science fiction horror title. It’s a real mind trip and features plenty of puzzles and lots of exploration, similar to Frictional Games’ Penumbra and Amnesia series. For gamers who find themselves stuck or in need of a little help, there is a complete gameplay walkthrough guide available for SOMA. Continue reading “SOMA Complete Gameplay Walkthrough”