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Amazon Shuts Down Gab’s Investing Sub-Domain After Journalists Notify Amazon
Gab Amazon

Journalists sought to get Gab’s investment sub-domain, Invest.Gab.com, shut down following the latest shootings that took place in Dayton, Ohio…

F-Droid Says They Won’t Package Or Distribute Gab, Will Put Feelings Before Freedom
F-Droid Censorship

There was some controversy over whether or not the open-source Android repository, F-Droid, would package and distribute the Gab app…

Mastodon Blocks Gab’s Domains On The Fediverse, Encourages Others To Censor Gab
GAB Blocked

Gab made its presence on the fediverse recently, which is a decentralized social media hub. It’s supposed to be a…

Florida Man Arrested For Making Social Media Posts Deemed “Intimidating”, “Threatening”
Paul Atreides Arrested

A Fort Myers, Florida man was arrested for making posts on social media, including Gab and BitChute, where the Florida…

Dissenter Browser Available For Download With Built-In Ad And Tracker Blockers

Back on April 11th, 2019 Gab.com informed the general public that they would be working on a browser… a free…

Gab Removes “Offensive Word” Filter From Dissenter After Being Banned From Chrome, Firefox
Dissenter Free Speech

In order to comply in good faith with the terms of service for the Chrome extension store and Mozilla’s add-on…

Google Bans Dissenter From Chrome Web Store For “Hate Speech”

Mere hours after Mozilla banned the Dissenter extension from the Firefox add-ons library, Google sent a notice to the owners…

Dissenter Extension Removed From Firefox Add-Ons Gallery For “Abuse”

Mozilla informed Gab.com – the creators of the comment extension, Dissenter – that the browser extensions has been removed from…

#GamerGate Blamed For ChristChurch Shooting; Dissenter Access Blocked; YouTube Filters Search Results

Censorship reigns supreme during politically motivated tragedies that the mainstream media can use to inculcate plebeians with their own agenda….

GAB’s Internet Comment Extension, Dissenter, Is Live And It Brings Free Speech Back To The Internet

Free speech on the internet seems to be a fleeting privilege. Many Left-wing people argue that every private corporation has…

GAB Dropped By Joyent Hosting Provider Following Synagogue Shooting

On October 27th, 2018 there were reports that a shooting had taken place at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The suspect…

GAB Bans Lolicon, Calling It “Demonic” “Garbage” [Updated]
GAB Bans Lolicon

[Update:] Following the publication of the article, CEO of GAB, Andrew Torba, made a post further clarifying the ban on…

5,000 Kenyans Flee To Gab.ai After Twitter Censors Popular Kenyan Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi
Gab ai

Social media site Gab.ai always seems to get a huge influx of new users whenever Twitter ups and bans a…

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