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Cracked, Anti-#GamerGate Website Lays Off A Lot Of Staff Including John Cheese
Cracked Staff Fired

Edgy comedy website, Cracked, has silently let go “a lot” of its staff after various writers and some senior staff…

PCGamesN Apologizes For Smearing Richard Lewis With SJW Rhetoric
Richard Lewis PCGamesN

PCGamesN originally published an article by Hannah Dwan on November 30th, 2017 titled “The esports industry has a problem with…

MSNBC Severs Ties With Anti-#GamerGate Critic Sam Seder For Making Rape Joke
Sam Seder GamerGate

[Update 12/7/2017:] MSNBC has reversed their decision to sever ties with Seder, stating that they got it wrong. The Intercept…

LA Weekly, Anti-#GamerGate Website Has 70% Of Staff Cut Following Buyout
GamerGate LA Weekly

LA Weekly has been around since 1978. Recently, however, Voice Media Group sold the outlet to the newly created start-up,…

CNET Re-Publishes Multiple Falsehoods Against #GamerGate
Vivian James Pissed Off

On November 27th, 2017 CNET author Ian Sheer and Erin Carson had their hit-piece against #GamerGate re-published, even though it…

Matt Hickey, Former Gizmodo Journalist Pleads Guilty To Reduced Rape Charges
Matt Hickey GamerGate

Former Gizmodo, Forbes, and The Stranger journalist, Michael-Jon “Matt” Hickey, pleaded guilty to reduced charges on November 21st, 2017 for…

Vice, Anti-#GamerGate Website Accused Of Sexual-Harassment Culture
Vice GamerGate

Vice Media is being accused of cultivating a “toxic” atmosphere steeped in sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. The story broke…

Journalists Erroneously Spread Star Wars Battlefront 2 Death Threat Hoax
Star Wars Battlefront 2 Hoax

A bunch of journalists failed to check the facts and have been erroneously defending a hoaxer who claimed that he…

#GamerGate: Honey Badger Brigade Preps For Trial Against Mary Sue, Calgary Expo
Honey Badger Brigade

The Honey Badger Brigade vowed to sue The Mary Sue and Calgary Expo for defamation following the fallout from being…

Vincent Ingenito, Anti-#GamerGate Critic And Ex-IGN Writer Addresses Sexual Misconduct Accusations
Vincent Ingenito

Another game journalist has been called out for sexual misconduct, this time it was former IGN writer and anti-#GamerGate critic,…

SyFy Promotes GaymerX For Being Inclusive Despite GaymerX’s Exclusionary Practices

SyFy published a hit-piece against #GamerGate in an aim to promote the latest LGBTQIA convention held by the organization GaymerX….

Francisco Van Jole, Editor-In-Chief Of Anti-GamerGate News Site Apologizes For Attempted Rape
van jole gamergate rape

[Correction: The headline has been updated to better reflect the accuracy of the story, as the original headline stated that…

Michael Pachter Claims #GamerGate Was Abhorrent, Sexist
Michael Pachter GamerGate

During Episode 82 of the Pachter Factor on SIFTD Games‘ YouTube channel, the Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, was…

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