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#GamerGate And Zoe Quinn Entries Censored On Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary GamerGate

[Update 9/9/2019:] Following the publication of this article, the entry for “GamerGate” on Urban Dictionary has been updated again, as…

Enthusiast Gaming Settles Lawsuit Involving Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right, Nazi Accusations
The Escapist Lawsuit Settled

The parent company of Escapist Magazine, Enthusiast Gaming, decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of keeping the battle going and…

Alex Lifschitz, Crash Override Network Co-Founder Accused Of Abuse, Misconduct
Alex Lifschitz

Anti-#GamerGate activist, male feminist, and co-founder of Crash Override Network, Alex Lifschitz, was accused of being abusive and misconducting himself…

A GamerGate Hit Piece

Writer’s Note: “Hi. What you’re about to read is a complete work of fiction and should not be taken seriously…

Twitter Suspends Pro-#GamerGate User Mombot

Pro-#GamerGate Twitter user Mombot was known for exposing the Social Justice activists on Twitter; highlighting the malfeasance of game journalists,…

Tess Owens Was Wrong About The Origins Of The Term E-Girl, But So Was Ian Miles Cheong
Vivian James glaring

Five days after a troubled young woman, Bianca Devins, was brutally murdered by one of her “boyfriends” Vice reporter Tess…

Anti-#GamerGate Journalist Peter Bright Arrested For Soliciting Child Sex
Peter Dr Pizza Bright GamerGate Child Porn

Ars Technica journalist Peter “Dr. Pizza” Bright was arrested and charged with attempted enticement of a minor in illegal sexual…

CBC Executive Producer Ann MacKeigan Defends Publishing Fake News About Overwatch, #GamerGate
Overwatch Gamergate

On January 29th, 2019 the CBC ‘Q’ radio program ran a segment about the Ellie controversy that took place within…

Frozen Synapse Dev Comes Out Against #GamerGate And Sargon Of Akkad
Mode 7 Games vs Sargon

It’s about five years late, but Mode 7 Games co-founder Paul Kilduff-Taylor come out against #GamerGate and Carl “Sargon of…

CBR Targets #AnimeGate, Calls Anime Fans Trolls For Rejecting SJW Propaganda

Anime fans were warned by Sakura Anime News that #AnimeGate would eventually get underway as the fandom became more mainstream….

Writer Meg Jayanth Condemned #GamerGate, Blamed Gamers For New Zealand Shooting During GDC Speech
Meg Rayanth GamerGate

The writer of 80 Days and Sunless Skies, Meg Jayanth, took to the stage at this year’s GDC Independent Games…

Anti-#GamerGate Developer John Kane Apologizes For Sexual Misconduct
John Kane GamerGate

Anti-gaming activist, anti-#GamerGate critic, feminist ally, and Australian game developer, John Kane, has had no qualms about publicly condemning gamers…

#GamerGate Blamed For ChristChurch Shooting; Dissenter Access Blocked; YouTube Filters Search Results

Censorship reigns supreme during politically motivated tragedies that the mainstream media can use to inculcate plebeians with their own agenda….

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