Gameplanet, SJW Website Got Woke And Went Broke

GamePlanet Get Woke Go Broke

New Zealand based is shutting down. On April 29th, 2020 there’s a news post over on GamePlanet’s front page indicating that the site is coming to an end. Continue reading “Gameplanet, SJW Website Got Woke And Went Broke”

Jason Schreier Is Leaving Kotaku Because They Won’t Let Them Be Political Anymore

Long time Kotaku writer and member of the infamous Game Journo Pro cabal Jason Schreier has announced he will be departing from Kotaku as of this Friday. Continue reading “Jason Schreier Is Leaving Kotaku Because They Won’t Let Them Be Political Anymore”

Anti-Gamergate Writer Peter Bright Found Guilty in Court

Look I may be a small-time evil mastermind, but around these parts, we have an understanding: If you are up to no good then you do not draw attention to yourself. Yet time and time again these so-called warriors of social justice with their anti-Gamergate brigades cannot seem to grasp this principle. A sick example previously covered is that of Ars Technica’s writer and actual pedophile Peter Bright. Who was arrested following an attempt to solicit a mother of a seven-year-old girl and a nine-year-old boy before it turned out said mother was an FBI Agent. Continue reading “Anti-Gamergate Writer Peter Bright Found Guilty in Court”

Airplay Documentary Will Cover The Craziness Surrounding The #GamerGate Culture War Event


Michael Koretzky from the Society of Professional Journalists held an event in Miami, Florida back in August, 2015 called Airplay. It was supposed to be themed around the discussion of #GamerGate and ethics in journalism, spawning from the fact that enthusiast and mainstream media had grossly misrepresented the phenomenon in order to peddle their own brand of propaganda and inculcate the masses with misinformation. Well, there’s going to be a documentary surrounding the SPJ Airplay event and some of the cultural fallout that took place between and thereafter. Continue reading “Airplay Documentary Will Cover The Craziness Surrounding The #GamerGate Culture War Event”

Media, Academia, And Wikipedia’s Misinformation About #GamerGate

GamerGate Wikipedia

There was a recently published article over on Breitbart from T.D. Adler, a former editor at Wikipedia who went by the handle Devil’s Advocate. The article pertains to the corruption within media and academia that repeatedly refer to, cite, or utilize information from the Wikipedia article about #GamerGate, which is steeped in falsehoods and grandiose canards. Continue reading “Media, Academia, And Wikipedia’s Misinformation About #GamerGate”

Plague Inc. Update Adds #GamerGate To “Fake News” Scenario

Plague Inc GamerGate

Ndemic Creations recently updated Plague Inc. to include a new “Fake News” scenario, where they teamed up with Full Fact and Politifact to bring gamers a number of different scenarios involving fooling the general public at large using fake news. One such scenario involves an achievement based on #GamerGate, with the actual achievement called “GamerGate”, which can only be unlocked by having a bunch of gamers troll while blaming journalists for malfeasance. Continue reading “Plague Inc. Update Adds #GamerGate To “Fake News” Scenario”

Wikipedia’s Bias Against #GamerGate Revisited


It’s easy to forget that during the early days of #GamerGate when people were still concerned about how the media portrayed the consumer revolt against media corruption, that Wikipedia played a huge part in the perception of the event. A lot of people who were looking up cursory information about it would land on the Wikipedia page only to discover that it was rife with misinformation and falsehoods that have been perpetuated to this very day. Continue reading “Wikipedia’s Bias Against #GamerGate Revisited”

#GamerGate And Zoe Quinn Entries Censored On Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary GamerGate

[Update 9/9/2019:] Following the publication of this article, the entry for “GamerGate” on Urban Dictionary has been updated again, as detailed in an archive from September 9th, 2019. The reference to ants has been removed and two entries for #GamerGate the consumer revolt have been added instead. Zoe Quinn’s entry, however, is still absent from the Urban Dictionary.

[Original article:] Urban Dictionary, the crowdsourced pop-culture dictionary, has removed and censored any mentions of the #GamerGate consumer revolt or Zoe Quinn. This was originally brought to the attention of the Kotaku In Action sub-reddit, but was quickly deleted. However, a repost on Kotaku In Action 2 ensured that people were made aware of the censorship. Continue reading “#GamerGate And Zoe Quinn Entries Censored On Urban Dictionary”

Enthusiast Gaming Settles Lawsuit Involving Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right, Nazi Accusations

The Escapist Lawsuit Settled

The parent company of Escapist Magazine, Enthusiast Gaming, decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of keeping the battle going and they decided to settle at the pre-trial on August 8th. Continue reading “Enthusiast Gaming Settles Lawsuit Involving Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right, Nazi Accusations”

Alex Lifschitz, Crash Override Network Co-Founder Accused Of Abuse, Misconduct

Alex Lifschitz

Anti-#GamerGate activist, male feminist, and co-founder of Crash Override Network, Alex Lifschitz, was accused of being abusive and misconducting himself while involved with various partners. This should come as no surprise to most people who had been following Lifschitz campaign against #GamerGate, given that many male feminists who were opposed to the consumer movement to restore ethics in games journalism turned out to be sex pests or abusers, which we’ve chronicled on the SJW Sexual Misconduct master list. Continue reading “Alex Lifschitz, Crash Override Network Co-Founder Accused Of Abuse, Misconduct”

A GamerGate Hit Piece

Writer’s Note: “Hi. What you’re about to read is a complete work of fiction and should not be taken seriously whatsoever. It’s a parody. It’s not real. The goal of the piece is my attempt at expressing the amalgamation of the various GamerGate hit pieces and narratives that have ran over the past five years. I wanted to capture not just their “reality,” but their cumulative perception of reality as well. Continue reading “A GamerGate Hit Piece”

Twitter Suspends Pro-#GamerGate User Mombot


Pro-#GamerGate Twitter user Mombot was known for exposing the Social Justice activists on Twitter; highlighting the malfeasance of game journalists, and even doing a Medium exposé on a harasser that was hiding among the ranks of Zoe Quinn’s Crash Override Network. Continue reading “Twitter Suspends Pro-#GamerGate User Mombot”

Tess Owens Was Wrong About The Origins Of The Term E-Girl, But So Was Ian Miles Cheong

Vivian James glaring

Five days after a troubled young woman, Bianca Devins, was brutally murdered by one of her “boyfriends” Vice reporter Tess Owens tried to connect the tragedy to GamerGate by way of the term E-Girl. Journalist Ian Miles Cheong was quick to point out on Twitter that the term E-Girl had not originated from the GamerGate movement. Continue reading “Tess Owens Was Wrong About The Origins Of The Term E-Girl, But So Was Ian Miles Cheong”

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