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Tencent Global Community Manager Nick Zasowski Accused Of Sexually Harassing Women
Gamergate Nick Zasowski

[Update:] Tencent provided a statement on the matter, confirming that Nick Zasowski has been suspended while they investigate the situation,…

VG 24/7 Deputy Editor Kirk McKeand Engages In Public Transphobia Over Arkane Studios Article
Kirk McKeand VG 24 7

VG 24/7’s deputy editor Kirk McKeand decided to take shots at a trans journalist for publishing an article about the…

Daily Dot’s Joseph Knoop Lies About #GamerGate Not Caring About IGN Firing Filip Miucin
Filip Miucin GamerGate

Daily Dot’s Joseph Knoop had an opinion article published on August 17th, 2018 claiming that #GamerGate didn’t care about IGN…

Game Journalists Complain #GamerGate Isn’t Angry Enough About IGN Firing Filip Miucin
Filip Miucin

Former IGN reviewer, Filip Miucin, was fired for plagiarizing reviews from other content creators. The topic was discussed across nearly…

#GamerGate Supporter and Game Developer James Desborough Perma-Banned From Twitter
Grimachu Censored

Game developer James “Grimachu” Desborough, also known as Grim Jim, from Postmortem Studios, was recently perma-banned from Twitter. The handle…

Stardock Casting Adam Baldwin In Star Control: Origins Triggers Game Journalists
SJW Journalists

Stardock Entertainment recently announced that Hollywood actor Adam Baldwin will be joining the voice cast for Star Control: Origins. The…

IGN Fires Filip Miucin For Plagiarizing Dead Cells Review
IGN Fires Filip

IGN issued a public response on August 7th, 2018 detailing the outcome of their investigation into accusations of plagiarism by…

IGN Removes Dead Cells Review After Evidence Of Plagiarism Surfaces
Dead Cells IGN Plagiarism

[Update 8/8/2018: IGN has fired Filip Miucin for plagiarism] [Original story:] IGN has removed the Nintendo Switch review for Dead…

Honey Badger Loses Court Case Against Mary Sue, Calgary Expo
Honey Badger Brigad

Hannah Wallen from The Honey Badger Brigade, a men’s rights activist group, announced that the Honey Badgers did not come…

Escapist Magazine’s No Politics Policy Enrages Game Journalists, SJW Activists
The Escapist

The Escapist Magazine is coming back. Enthusiast Gaming, the current parent company over Destructoid, is reviving the gaming outlet. They…

Phil Fish Has FEZ Removed From GOG.com
Fez Phil Fish

Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation contacted GOG.com and requested for them to remove his game FEZ from the digital store….

GOG.com Apologizes To SJWs For Tweet After Being Threatened By Game Journalists
GOG SJWs GamerGate Tweet

GOG.com has issued apologies and have been running around on Reddit and pro-SJW forums like ResetEra to run damage control…

GOG.com Tweets Out Reference To #GamerGate And Game Journalists Lose Their Minds
Postal 2 GamerGate

[Update:] It appears GOG.com has deleted the tweet after being threatened by game journalists. GOG.com also apologized to the game…

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