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Mercedes Carrera, Former #GamerGate Supporter Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Child
Mercedes Carrera

[Update 2/9/2019:] Mercedes Carrera issued a statement regarding the matter, claiming that her ex-partner is the reason why she and…

SJWs Reprehend The Escapist’s Russ Pitts For Talking About #GamerGate And Ethics In Journalism
The Escapist GamerGate

Back in 2014 gamers from all over the world came together under the #GamerGate hashtag to expose the corruption taking…

Fired Journalists Blame #GamerGate For ‘Learn To Code’ Twitter Meme
Learn 2 Code

After various journalists were let go from Huffington Post, Yahoo!, Buzzfeed, and various other outlets, they took to Twitter to…

Vice Laying Off 10% Of Workforce, Waypoint Staff Remains Unaffected… For Now
Vice Layoffs

News has been going around about Vice reducing its headcount across its global workforce by up to 10%, or 250…

CBC And Kotaku’s Kate Gray Derogate #GamerGate, Gamers Regarding Overwatch Fake News
Vivian James GamerGate

When it was discovered that the female e-sports competitor “Ellie” was actually being operated by a male gamer going by…

New York Times’ Racist Writer Sarah Jeong Will Discuss #GamerGate At Yale On February 7th
Sarah Jeong GamerGate

Sarah Jeong made headlines when she was hired by the New York Times even after she had a litany of…

Eurogamer Says They Won’t Stop Being Political Activists
Donkey Kong 64

Some of you may have noticed that in recent years Eurogamer has been inclined to push certain political agendas over…

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson Defends Publishing Overwatch Fake News Story
Nathan Grayson Overwatch

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson decided to post a series of tweets defending his decision to run with the story about “Ellie”,…

Goddess Mode Interview On The Verge Fails To Disclose Relationship With Zoe Quinn
Goddess Mode

All throughout late 2014, gamers complained that media outlets had an incestuous relationship with the subjects they usually covered. Even…

Rock Paper Shotgun Attempts To Deflect Blame From Media For Misreporting Overwatch Ellie Controversy
Sombra Overwatch

Nearly every major enthusiast gaming outlet decided to purposefully craft a gender identity narrative around a story about a female…

The Mary Sue Thanks Kotaku, ComicBook.com For Coverage Of Overwatch’s ‘Ellie’ Controversy Even Though It Was Proven To Be Fake News
Mary Sue Kotaku

On January 4th, 2019 Kaila Hale-Stern from The Mary Sue published an article complaining about the treatment of women in…

PC Games Insider, GameReactor Falsely Claim Female Overwatch Player Ellie Quit Due To Harassment
PC Games Insider Overwatch Fail

The story about the supposed first female Overwatch Contenders recruit for the e-sports team, Second Wind, has managed to spread…

Game Informer, GameRant, ShackNews Post False Information About Female Overwatch Player Being Harassed When Facts Reveal It Was A Male
Shacknews Corruption

In late December of 2018 a player named “Ellie” was signed on to the Overwatch Contenders team called Second Wind….

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