Gears 5 Consulted With Microsoft’s GLEAM Team To Be More “Inclusive”

Gears 5

During a keynote speech at MIGS, studio head for The Coalition, Rod Fergusson, talked about how they made Gears 5 “inclusive” and basically designed the game around a demographic that wasn’t core to the franchise (which was partly why they teamed up with Facebook). Fergusson covered the key points of the “inclusivity” that they heaped into the game courtesy of Microsoft’s GLEAM team, all while completely avoiding talking about the sales data since the game isn’t doing so hot on the market. Continue reading “Gears 5 Consulted With Microsoft’s GLEAM Team To Be More “Inclusive””

Gears 5 PC Specs Revealed

Do you know that game with the female lead that seems to have mental issues according to the trailers? Yeah, well it’s Gears 5. And recently the Xbox Game Studios and The Coalition have come forth with the upcoming third-person shooter’s PC system requirements. Continue reading “Gears 5 PC Specs Revealed”

Gears 5 Will Have Disguised Loot-Boxes And Microtransactions

In a new report on Gears 5 official site, The Coalition reveals that there will be no Season Pass or Gear Packs, but there will be non-purchasable loot-boxes disguised as “Supply Drops” and microtransactions in the game. The upcoming installment in the long-running series is set to drop on September 10th, 2019, across PC, and Xbox One. Continue reading “Gears 5 Will Have Disguised Loot-Boxes And Microtransactions”

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