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Generation Zero Cheats Feature Infinite Ammo, God Mode, Health Refill, 999 Items
Generation Zero Cheats

Avalanche Studios’ four-player cooperative first-person, scavenge-survival shooter game, Generation Zero, bumbled onto the market like the clunky robots featured in…

Generation Zero Launch Trailer Reminds Gamers That Robots Have Invaded Sweden In 1989
Generation Zero

The launch trailer for Avalanche Studios and THQ Nordic’s Generation Zero has gone live. The four-player cooperative shooter-survival game set…

Generation Zero, 1980s Themed Sci-Fi Shooter Will Get A Physical Release In 2019
Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios has teamed up with THQ Nordic and announced that Generation Zero will get a physical boxed release in…

Generation Zero Is Like A Masculine Version Of Horizon: Zero Dawn… With Guns
Generation Zero

Set in 1980s Sweden, gamers will take on the role of freedom fighters attempting to liberate the idyllic countryside from…

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