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GOG.com Reportedly Lays Off A Dozen Staff Due To Financial Straits
GOG Layoffs

Plenty of gamers said they would give up on GOG.com when the company decided to fire one of its own…

Grimoire, Retro-Styled CRPG Rejected From GOG.com For Being Too Niche

Back in the old days GOG.com used to stand for “Good Old Games”. It was a moniker worn to accommodate…

Star Control: Origins Returns To GOG.com After Overcoming DMCA Hurdle
Star Control Origins

The original creators of Star Control, Paul Reiche III and Fred Ford, have been in a legal battle with Stardock…

Anti-#GamerGate Journalists Smear Former GOG Employee For Being Apolitical
GOG Former Employee

Video game journalists were called out back in 2014 for being corrupt. Various leaked logs from their inner circle revealed…

Amid Steam’s New Waifu Holocaust GOG.com Has Sale On Japanese VNs, RPGs
GOG Japanese Sale

Valve has been banning games off of the Steam store in recent times for nebulous and inconsistent reasons. A variety…

The Daily Dot Tries To Defend ResetEra Doxing GOG.com Staff
Daily Dot Defends Dox

GOG.com has a horrible habit of apologizing, kowtowing, or trying to appease the Social Justice Warrior crowd, even though that…

The Colonists, Settlement Strategy Sim Is DRM-Free On GOG.com
The Colonists

Mode 7 and Codebyfire’s The Colonists is a lo-fi strategy management game where you take a bunch of robots and…

ResetEra Doxes GOG.com Employee For Not Being An NPC
ResetEra Dox

The video game hate forum, ResetEra, has an ever-expanding thread covering the GOG.com situation, where the company tweeted out that…

GOG.com Apologizes To SJW NPCs For #WontBeErased Tweet, Still Gets Boycotted
GOG Apologizes

When a sentient being lacks the ability to reason, or think critically, or can only respond by being offended as…

Maidens Of Michael Launches On GOG.com; R18+ Patch Available For Download
Maidens of Michael Uncensored

MangaGamer announced that the visual novel that was banned from Steam called A Kiss For The Petals: Maidens of Michael,…

GOG.com Opens FCK DRM To Promote Anti-DRM Practices

CD Projekt Red and GOG.com has come under fire in recent times for kowtowing to Social Justice Warriors, but the…

Phil Fish Has FEZ Removed From GOG.com
Fez Phil Fish

Phil Fish from Polytron Corporation contacted GOG.com and requested for them to remove his game FEZ from the digital store.

GOG.com Apologizes To SJWs For Tweet After Being Threatened By Game Journalists
GOG SJWs GamerGate Tweet

GOG.com has issued apologies and have been running around on Reddit and pro-SJW forums like ResetEra to run damage control…

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