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Don’t Forget About What Happened To Blitzchung

“Where are you, Nick Monroe?” I’m on Telegram/Minds/GAB/Parler. But mostly Telegram. SUPPORT on Paypal and SubscribeStar. It was the perfect storm….

Blizzard Loses Mitsubishi Sponsor After Sanctioning Hearthstone Champ For Supporting Hong Kong
Blizzard Mitsubishi

Blizzard has lost a major advertiser according to recent reports, with Mitsubishi Motors Taiwan pulling out just ahead of BlizzCon…

Blizzard Bans American University Hearthstone Team For Supporting Hong Kong
Hearthstone Censorship

Blizzard temporarily banned the collegiate team, American University, from competing in official Hearthstone e-sports competition via a six-month suspension after…

Blizzard Reportedly Bans Post-Game Interviews, Player-Cams For Collegiate Hearthstone Broadcasts

Blizzard is reportedly instituting a soft ban on team player cameras and post-game interviews for Hearthstone for the time being….

Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Users For 1,000 Years For Supporting Hong Kong

Blizzard is reportedly issuing out bans for users who “troll” the Hearthstone forums by supporting the protests in Hong Kong….

Blizzard Reduces Blitzchung Suspension, Reinstates Casters
J. Allen Brack - Blizzard Blitzchung

Blizzard Entertainment finally issued a statement about the recent suspension of Hearthstone grand champion blitzchung, as well as the fate…

Blizzard Employees Stage Small Walkout To Protest Censorship, Kowtowing To China
Blizzard Hong Kong

Anywhere between a dozen and 30 employees at Blizzard Entertainment staged a small walkout. The employees are protesting the company’s…

Blizzard Promises to Defend the Pride of China as Congress Takes Notice

Optics are an integral part of any business especially during massive ever growing backlash against a company decision. It is…

Blizzard Faces Internal and External Backlash Over Being China’s Puppet

In only a few short days since Blizzard banned their Hearthstone Grandmaster Champion for championing the human rights of his…

Blizzard Censors Player-Cams During Hearthstone Event After Players Hold Up Free Hong Kong Sign
Blizzard Hong Kong

The player-cams for the post-match antics involving the collegiate showdown between American University and Worcester Poly were quickly censored after…

Blizzard Suspends Blitzchung From Hearthstone Competition For Supporting Hong Kong
Hearthstone Blitzchung

The Chinese censorship news seems to keep bubbling up more and more to the surface of mainstream consciousness, if not…

Blizzard Removes Video Clip Of Blitzchung Championing Hong Kong’s Liberation

There’s controversy brewing over Blizzard’s removal of a video clip on the Blizzard Taiwan Twitch channel, where the post-match interview…

Hearthstone Cards Were Censored To Tone Down The Sex And Violence, Says Blizzard

The censorship of Hearthstone cards were pretty obvious in the latest update. The Secretkeeper went from being a shapely and…

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