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Hellbound, Retro-Inspired FPS Just Barely Succeeds On Kickstarter

Argentinian developers Saibot Studios announced that they managed to secure funding for their first-person shooter game, Hellbound. The retro-inspired shooter…

Hellbound, 90s-Inspired Gory FPS Survival Mode Updated With New Features

Saibot Studios currently has Hellbound, a 1990s-inspired first-person shooter, in Early Access on Steam. Don’t worry, though, the Early Access…

Hellbound, 90’s Inspired FPS Heads To Kickstarter, Aims For 2019 Release

Saibot Studios announced that the upcoming first-person shooter designed to be a throwback to the run-and-gun, gore-fests from the 1990s,…

Hellbound, 1990’s Inspired FPS Closed Beta Now Live Via Steam

Saibot Studios announced that you can pre-order Hellbound right now to gain instant access to their closed beta of the…

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