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Syren Trailer Highlights Horror And Action-Survival PSVR Gameplay
Syren PS4

Two years ago the game Syren popped onto the scene with a trailer promoting the release on VR devices such…

Call of Cthulhu Review: Frog in Your Throat
Call of Cthulhu Review

[Disclosure: A review copy was provided for the contents of this article] Narrative adventure. Walking simulator. First person adventure game….

The Blackout Club, Co-op Horror Game Updated With New Missions, Monsters, And Fixes
The Black Out

Question released The Blackout Club into Early Access back on October 30th, 2018 as part of the Halloween festivities. The…

Lucius 3 Announced For PC, Set To Release December 13th For $19.99
Lucius 3

Shiver Games is back in a big way with Lucius III, the third outing in the horror trilogy centering around…

HellSign, Top-Down Investigative Horror Game To Hit Steam November 7th

Once featured on Steam Greenlight as HellHunter, indie publisher and developer known as Ballistic Interactive has changed the horror-adventure investigative…

Agony Unrated Now Available For Download, Switch Version Coming Soon
Agony Unrated

The original publisher of Agony had a binding contract to prevent Madmind Studios from releasing the Adults Only version of…

Call Of Cthulhu Gameplay Walkthrough
Call of Cthulhu Walkthrough

Cyanide Studios and Focus Home Interactive’s Call of Cthulhu has finally released for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 (also…

Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows Brings Gory Mystery To GOG.com, Steam
Corpse Party Book of Shadows

The gory horror-mystery game, Corpse Party: Book of Shadows, recently found its way onto the Steam store and GOG.com courtesy…

Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 5 Gameplay Walkthrough
Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 5 Walkthrough

TheMeatly Games’ Bendy And The Ink Machine turned out to be a huge surprise hit of 2018. The game is…

Call Of Cthulhu Launch Trailer Unravels The Cost Of Madness
Call of Cthulhu

Focus Home Interactive and Cyanide Studios’ Call of Cthulhu is due out on October 30th this week. The first-person horror…

Infliction, Indie-Horror Game Takes Players On A Terror-Filled Psychological Journey
Infliction Game

Caustic Reality’s Unreal Engine 4-powered psychological horror game, Infliction, recently launched for PC. The game attempts to dive into the…

Unholy, Stealth-Horror Game Courts Controversy Due To Madmind Affiliation
Unholy Game

Duality Games is working on the stealth-horror game called Unholy. It’s not due out until 2019 but the game is…

Apsulov: End Of Gods Delves Into Nordic Myth With Sci-Fi Horror

Angry Demon Studio announced that next year during the third-quarter of 2019 they have plans on releasing a first-person adventure-horror…

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