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Housemarque Abandons Arcade Games For New Battle Royale Game Stormdivers

Finnish game developers Housemarque, best known for Resogun and Dead Nation, announced that a new third-person Battle Royale game is…

Nex Machina Trailer Contains Retrowave Music And Co-op Bullet-Hell Gameplay
Nex Machina Trailer

Housemarque recently released a new trailer for their game Nex Machina, a cyberpunk rogue-like shooter for PC and PS4. The…

Nex Machina Dev Laments Lack Of Coverage From Politically Biased Gaming Media
Nex Machina

Last generation — before Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, and other pseudo-academics attempted to co-op the gaming industry by turning the…

Nex Machina, Cyberpunk Physics-Based Shooter Announced For PC
Nex machina

HouseMarque and Smash TV creator Eugene Jarvis have teamed up together to create a dystopian, futuristic, killer cyborg shooting game…

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