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Void Bastards, Roguelike FPS From BioShock Dev Releases May 29th
Void Bastards

Humble Bundle announced that the official release date for the space-faring, sci-fi roguelike from the makers of BioShock, called Void…

Forager Sells 150,000 Copies On Steam; Mod Support Coming In Fall, Multiplayer In Winter
Forager Sales

HopFrog and Humble Bundle announced that the retro-bit inspired adventure-survival game that launched on Steam back on April 18th, 2019…

Void Bastards Is A Visually Innovative First-Person Rogue-Like Coming In 2019
Void Bastards

First-person shooter games have become horribly stale in recent times. No game has surpassed what Crytek achieved more than a…

Humanity’s Being Reset and You, Overly Optimistic Bard, Need a new Wandersong

Bicycling 5K miles over 5 months across the United States should leave anyone knackered for a good while but not…

Ebb Software Says Next Week Scorn Will Gain New Info

Ebb Software is still alive and kicking and working hard on Scorn. The latest update made on Twitter reveals that…

Scorn Update Touches On Current Development Plans

Breaking radio silence once again comes an update from Ebb Software on the development on their first-person horror-adventure game Scorn….

Disco Elysium, Fantasy-Noir Detective RPG Heads To PC Later This Year
Disco Elysium

ZAUM and Humble Bundle announced that Disco Elysium is set to launch later this year for PC. It originally debut…

Forager Scheduled To Launch On Steam, Nintendo Switch In Fall, 2018

HopFrog and the publishing arm of Humble Bundle announced that Forager is scheduled to launch on Steam, the Humble Store…

Aegis Defenders Now Available For $19.99 On Switch, PS4, Steam
Aegis Defenders

Humble Bundle and Guts Department announced that Aegis Defenders is currently available for the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 4 and…

Ikenfell Trailer Hits A Lot Of Familiar Notes

You probably already know exactly where this article is going just based on the header image. I mean, it’s a…

Staxel Enters Early Access, Combines Minecraft With Harvest Moon
Staxel Early Access

Many journalists are probably already calling this the Harvest Moon of Dark Souls games, and the Dark Souls of Minecraft…

Popup Dungeon Lets You Create Your Own Papercraft Rogue-Like World
Popup Dungeon

Humble Bundle and Triple.B. Titles have released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming family-friendly papercrafting RPG, Popup Dungeon. The…

A Hat In Time Coming To PS4, Xbox One December 6th
A Hat In Time PS4

Gears for Breakfast and Humble Bundle have announced that the critically acclaimed and fast-selling PC 3D platformer, A Hat In…

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