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Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, Horror Game With Adaptive Scares Announced For PC
Lunacy Saint Rhodes

Lazarus Studio and Iceberg Interactive announced that Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is currently in the works for PC and is slated…

The Sojourn First-Person Puzzle Game Heads To Steam In 2019
The Sojourn

Another first-person puzzle game has been announced, this time it’s from indie studio Shifting Tides and Netherlands publisher Iceberg Interactive….

Antigraviator, Fastest Anti-Gravity Racing Launches On Steam

Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive announced that Antigraviator, the fastest anti-gravity racing game ever made, is currently available on Steam…

Antigraviator Launch Trailer Revealed, PC Demo Now Available

Want to play a fast-paced sci-fi racing game strictly for PC? Publisher Iceberg Interactive and developer Cybernetic Walrus have released…

Antigraviator, Wipeout-Inspired Racer Releases June 6th On Steam

Belgian development studio Cybernetic Walrus and Dutch publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced that the futuristic racing game, Antigraviator, will release…

Starship Corporation, Spaceship Building Sim Graduates From Early Access On May 3rd
Starship Corporation

German developer, Coronado Games, and Dutch publisher, Iceberg Interactive, announced that their spaceship-building simulator, Starship Corporation, will officially graduate from…

Antigraviator Playable Demo Will Appear At SXSW March 15th

Belgian gaming studio Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive announced that Antigraviator, the upcoming futuristic racing game for home consoles and…

Conarium, Lovecraftian Horror Game Due Out For PS4, Xbox One In Late 2018
Conarium Xbox One PS4

Dutch developers Zoetrope Interactive and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced that Conarium, the Lovecraftian horror title, is set to make…

Oriental Empires, 4x Strategy Covering Ancient China Goes DRM-Free On GOG.com
Oriental Empires

Iceberg Interactive and Shining Pixel Studios announced that the DRM-free version of Oriental Empires has launched in full on GOG.com…

Antigraviator, High-Speed Futuristic Racer Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC In 2018

Iceberg Interactive announced that the Belgium-based game developer, Cybernetic Walrus, is wrapping up development on a new fast-paced, futuristic, sci-fi…

Stars In Shadow Legacies DLC Goes Live October 19th
Stars in Shadow DLC

Ashdar Games and Iceberg Interactive’s Stars In Shadow 4x strategy game is set to receive a brand new piece of…

Inmates, Psychological Horror Game Lands On Steam With Mixed Reactions
Inmates Game

Iceberg Interactive and Davit Andreasyan’s psychological prison thriller, Inmates, has made its way onto the Steam store. The game is…

Inmates, Psychological Thriller Set Within Seedy Prison Launches October 5th On PC

Iceberg Interactive and Davit Andreasyan have announced that Inmates, a psychological thriller set in a seedy and squalid prison, is…

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