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Game Dev: IGDA Board Member Keeps Harassing Me
Chris Ruiz

IGDA Drama Courts Harassment, Threats, And Deportation Attempts Chris Ruiz, an American expat working within the Philippines game development industry,…

IGDA Member’s Racist Tweet Against Whites Defended By Co-Founder Of Another Indie
IGDA Racist

An indie game developer and member of the Philippines chapter of the International Game Developers Association board, named Gwen Foster,…

FCC Requires Games Developed After January 1st, 2019 To Include Accessibility Options For Disabled
Xbox Adaptive Controller

[Update:] According to accessibility specialist, Ian Hamilton, he states that the way the FCC interprets “advanced communications” only applies to…

21% Of Game Developers Feel Studios Should Focus On Diversity In Gaming
Game Industry Diversity

One fifth of game developers who participated in the IGDA 2017 satisfaction survey believe that game development studios need to…

IGDA Executive Director And Anti-#GamerGate Critic Kate Edwards Steps Down
Kate Edwards IGDA

Kate Edwards became the International Game Developers Association’s executive director back in 2012. Over the last five years Edwards has…

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