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Roku Censors InfoWars Following Pressure From Social Justice Warriors
Roku Bans Infowars

The censorship of speech continues unabated from the Silicon Valley vicars that have decided that anyone who dares step out…

Twitter Suspends Alex Jones For A Week For “Violating Twitter Policy”
Alex Jones Twitter Censorship

Alex Jones has been placed in read-only mode on Twitter and has been suspended for seven days from posting any…

Vimeo Bans InfoWars For “Hateful Content”
Vimeo Censors Alex Jones

Vimeo announced that Alex Jones and the InfoWars content have been banned from the video sharing website. According to Business…

YouTube Temporarily Shuts Down H3H3 Podcast For Discussing Alex Jones Censorship
H3H3 Censorship

On August 10th, 2018 YouTube shut down the H3H3 livestream podcast while they were discussing Alex Jones and the Infowars…

Infowars Gets Banned From Disqus
Alex Jones Disqus Censored

Disqus is the most recent tech company to ban Alex Jones’ Infowars from their platform, limiting the discussion that can…

Infowars Gets Banned From YouTube, Facebook, Apple, Spotify
Alex Jones Censored

Google had Alex Jones’ Infowars channel shut down on YouTube. Meanwhile Facebook, Apple, and Spotify removed Infowars content from their…

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