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Mic, Anti-#GamerGate Website Lays Off Majority Of Staff
Mic Gamergate

In an article published on November 29th, 2018, Recode is reporting that majority of the staff at Mic have been…

4th Annual Kunkel Awards For Video Game Journalism Is Open For Nominations
Kunkel Awards 2018

The Kunkel Awards was borne out of the disgruntlement from angry gamers with the status quo corruption that ran (and…

Stuck In A Web: How Game Journalism Lost Its Originality
Spider-Man Dump Truck

On September 7th, a thread was posted on Twitter with criticisms that the recent PS4 release of Marvel’s Spider-Man had turned the…

Journalists Fear Elon Musk’s Pravduh Will Use GamerGate-Style Criticism Of Media
Elon Musk GamerGate

Elon Musk recently purchased Pravduh.com, and is moving forward with opening up a ratings and curation website that ranks and…

Elon Musk Acquires Pravduh.com; Corrupt Journalists Will Soon Face Credibility Ratings
Elon Musk

Entrepreneurial playboy Elon Musk has announced that his journalist rating website has been registered under the domain Pravduh.com, since Pravda.com…

Gamer Says City News Reporter Didn’t Inform Him About WHO Report For Addiction Story
CityNews Ethics

On March 10th, 2018 CityNews Toronto ran a story about video game addiction. It was tied into the addition of…

Gizmodo CEO Steps Down As Univision Lays Off Staff
Gawker Hulk Hogan

After picking up the pieces of Gawker from the fallout of the Hulk Hogan lawsuit, Univision has been desperately trying…

U.K. Government Establishes Security Unit To Tackle Fake News
Fake News Network

The U.K., government is establishing a security unit to tackle and curb the spread of “Fake News”. This will go…

MSNBC Severs Ties With Anti-#GamerGate Critic Sam Seder For Making Rape Joke
Sam Seder GamerGate

[Update 12/7/2017:] MSNBC has reversed their decision to sever ties with Seder, stating that they got it wrong. The Intercept…

Gothamist, DNAInfo Shut Down By Founder After Journalists Join Union

TD Ameritrade owner and founder of Gothamist and DNAInfo, Joe Ricketts, recently shut down both DNAInfo and Gothamist – local…

Vice Lays Off Waypoint Gaming Journalist Mike Diver Amid Restructuring
Mike Diver Waypoint

Vice Waypoint is the video game arm of the online website Vice. The media publication has about 3,000 staff across…

CNN Blackmailed U.S. Citizen Into Apology Over Trump Meme, Argues Congressman
Trump vs CNN

A United Statements Congressman for Virginia and former Navy SEAL, Scott Taylor, took to Twitter to argue that CNN has…

CNN’s Van Jones Says Russia/Trump Story Is “Nothing Burger”
CNN Van Jones

There’s been further corroboration from those within CNN that the whole Donald Trump and Russia angle is a fabricated lie….

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