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LoveR Could Come West, But Not If They Have To Modify Content
LoveR PS4

The PS4 exclusive LoveR is a high school romance sim, where you embrace the butterflies in your stomach, meet with…

LoveR Sexy DLC Outfit Changed Due To “Various Circumstances”, Japanese Gamers Blame PS4 Censorship

Kadokawa Games announced that the planned DLC for the PS4 romance game LoveR will be changing due to “various circumstances”….

Game Tengoku CruisinMix’s PS4 Version Censors Fan-Service Image
CruisinMix Special

The English release of the PS4 version of Kadokawa and Degica’s Game Tengoku CruisinMix Special, or The Game Paradise! CruisinMix…

Metal Max Xeno, Post-Apoc Tank JRPG Heads To PS4 September 25th
Metal Max Xeno

NIS America announced that the post-apocalyptic, role-playing tank game, Metal Max Xeno, will launch for the PlayStation 4 starting September…

Pixel Game Maker MV Will Let You Make Metroidvania, Sonic-Style Side-Scrollers
Pixel Maker MV

Kadokawa Games announced that a game creation suite called Pixel Game Maker MV will be released this summer. The initial…

The Lost Child Gameplay Trailer Highlights Dungeon Crawling Combat, Exploration
The Lost Child

NIS America and Kadokawa Games released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming dungeon-crawling RPG, The Lost Child. The game…

The Lost Child, Dungeon-Crawling RPG Launches This Summer For Nintendo Switch, PS4
The Lost Child

NIS America announced that the launch window for The Lost Child has narrowed down to a summer, 2018 release. The…

Yume Nikki Is Free On Steam Ahead Of New Project Announcement
Yume Nikki

Kikiyama’s RPG Maker title, Yume Nikki, is now free-to-play on Steam. The dream-scape role-playing game where you travel through the…

The Lost Child, JRPG Heads West To PS4, PS Vita In 2018
The Lost Child

NIS America recently announced that a new game is in works to be localized and scheduled to release in early…

RPG Maker Fes Adds Disgaea, Phantom Brave DLC
RPG Maker Fes Disgaea DLC

NIS America announced that RPG Maker Fes’ latest DLC offerings for Nintendo 3DS owners includes characters and assets from Disgaea,…

Demon Gaze 2 Release Date Set For November 14th On PS4, PS Vita
Demon Gaze 2 Release Date

Even though Sony has seemingly abandoned the PlayStation Vita with about as much certainty as an African American father abandoning…

Demon Gaze 2 Set To Come West This Fall For PS Vita And PS4

Demon Gaze 2 is set to come Westward for PS Vita and PS4. Originally made by Kadokawa Games and Experience,…

Letter – Root Letter, Murder-Mystery Visual Novel Coming Soon To Steam
Letter Root Letter

Kadokawa Games’ Letter – Root Letter first made its appearance on the PlayStation systems, including the PS4 and PlayStation Vita…

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