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Subverse Will Launch On Steam Uncensored, But Studio F.O.W. Has A Contingency Plan Just In Case
Subverse Uncensored

Studio F.O.W., or the video game arm known as FOW Interactive, recently announced their space-adventure RPG, Subverse. It’s an adult-themed…

Subverse Is Studio FOW’s Adult-Oriented Space-Faring RPG And It’s On Kickstarter Right Now

You know how Leftists, Liberals, pro-censorship advocates, anti-free speech connoisseurs, and Social Justice Warriors keep telling normal people that if…

Kickstarter Project’s $85,000 Ran Out A Long Time Ago, Says Zoe Quinn
Zoe Quinn Kickstarter

In October of 2016 Zoe Quinn and Chuck Tingle managed to secure $85,448 to make a live-action FMV game. In…

Top Hat Studios Anti-Censorship Storefront Will Be Called Hat Rack, Launches In Q3 2019
Top Hat Studios

Between the second and third quarter of 2019 Top Hat Studios will finally launch their digital distribution storefront called the…

Born Punk Rockets Past The Kickstarter Goal In Just 24 Hours
Born Punk

The point-and-click, cyberpunk adventure game, Born Punk, managed to jettison past its Kickstarter goal within the span of just 24…

Born Punk, Cyberpunk Adventure Stars A Strong Female Protagonist But Not the SJW Kind
Born Punk

Falko von Falkner from YouTube outlet Top Hats and Champagne has started up an indie outfit called Insert Disk 22….

The Blind Prophet, Gothic Cyberpunk Adventure Demo Goes Live With Kickstarter Campaign
Blind Prophet

Babtiste Miny’s The Blind Prophet is currently on Kickstarter at the moment. The point-and-click adventure game is set a visually…

One Step From Eden, Deckbuilding Roguelike Surpasses Kickstarter Goal, Targets Nintendo Switch
One Step From Eden

It didn’t take Thomas Moon Kang’s One Step From Eden to hit its initial Kickstarter goal of $15,000 after spending…

Heroes Ravage Pits Heroes Versus Villagers In Zelda Meets Rainbow Six Mash-Up
Heroes Ravage

Portuguese studio Pixel Dinos announced that the classically made, sprite-based, PvP action game, Heroes Ravage, will make its way to…

YS Net Details Shenmue 3 Kickstarter Backer And Funding Progress

Whatever your thoughts may be of YS Net and Shenmue 3, you now have something else to think about which…

Lore Finder, Cosmic-Horror Metroidvania Receives Free Demo On Kickstarter
Lore Finder

Eniko announced that Lore Finder, a side-scrolling metroidvania has currently received a free demo that you can check out over…

Astonishing Gaters Tries To Parody ComicsGate By Promoting More Diversity, Inclusion
Astonishing Gators

Social Justice Warriors believe that #ComicsGate is evil because comic book fans want to read good comic books without Left-leaning…

Koruldia Heritage, 2.5D Hand-Painted RPG Seeks Funds On Kickstarter
Koruldia Heritage

A classically made role-playing game from Renaud Sauzet is currently on Kickstarter right now, seeking $13,000 to finish off its…

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