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King Of The Hat Is A Quirky Fighting Game Based Around Throwable Hats
King of the Hat

Hyroglyphik Games’ King Of The Hat is an all new take on the fighting game genre. Instead of dwindling down…

Indie Pogo, Smash Bros-Style Fighter Featuring Indie Characters Completes Kickstarter
Indie Pogo

The Kickstarter campaign for Indie Pogo, the indie fighting game featuring popular characters from various indie outings, has been successfully…

Scorn’s Kickstarter Ends On A High Note, First-Part Scheduled For 2018 Release

Scorn has officially passed its Kickstarter goal and has moved on to reach its second stretch goal, even potentially reaching…

Dark Devotion, Eldritch-Hunting Rogue-Like Nears Kickstarter Goal
Dark Devotion

Hibernian Workshop’s morose rogue-like RPG, Dark Devotion, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter run. The game has just a…

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark Combines Hand-Drawn Scenarios With Tactical RPG Mechanics
Fell Seal

The married couple who make up 6EyesStudio have been working on gathering funds for their game Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark….

Destiny Chronicles, 3D Action-JRPG Lands On Kickstarter For PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Destiny Chronicles

Visualnoveler announced that their fantasy action-JRPG called Destiny Chronicles has officially entered into the crowdfunding phase over on Kickstarter for…

My Time At Portia Coming To Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1 In 2018
My Time At Portia

Team17 has teamed up with Chinese game development outlet, Pathea Games, for the upcoming release of the crowdfunded title My…

Destiny Chronicles, JRPG For PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch Heads To Kickstarter Oct 4th
Destiny Chronicles

VisualNoveler’s Destiny Chronicles is gearing up for its crowdfunding run on Kickstarter this week, starting October 4th. The character-driven story…

Hell Let Loose Video Looks Like A Spiritual Successor To Brothers In Arms
Hell Let Loose

Black Matter Games revealed a new nine minute gameplay video featuring infantry gameplay from the upcoming first-person shooter powered by…

Scorn Successfully Kickstarted, Demo Available For Backers

Ebb Software has reached its Scorn Kickstarter goal of $176,766 and now looks to finalize development on the horror-adventure game….

Doomtrooper Gets Fully Funded On Kickstarter In Just 36 Hours

Justin Reynard’s Doomtrooper, a digital collectible combat card game, only needed $15,000 to get brought to life. The digital CCG,…

Dissecting Why Matt Furie Is Hypocritical With His DMCA And Legal Threats

With the recent activity that is coming to fruition by Matt Furie, the creator of Pepe, regarding his DMCA claims…

DreamTales Is An Ode To Legend Of Zelda And It Lets You Turn Enemies Into Chocolate
DreamTales Kickstarter

Fingers Meet Controller’s DreamTales is an ode to the classic Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, where players…

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