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Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson Defends Publishing Overwatch Fake News Story
Nathan Grayson Overwatch

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson decided to post a series of tweets defending his decision to run with the story about “Ellie”,…

The Mary Sue Thanks Kotaku, ComicBook.com For Coverage Of Overwatch’s ‘Ellie’ Controversy Even Though It Was Proven To Be Fake News
Mary Sue Kotaku

On January 4th, 2019 Kaila Hale-Stern from The Mary Sue published an article complaining about the treatment of women in…

Female eSports Competitor Who Quit Overwatch Was Actually A Male, Making Kotaku’s Gender-Agenda Article Fake News
Overwatch Fake News

An Overwatch player named “Ellie” was signed to a team called Second Wind back in late December of 2018, which…

Univision Looking To Sell Kotaku, Jezebel, AV Club, And Other Gizmodo Properties
Univision Sale

Rumors have been swirling that Univision has been looking to sell off its assets. More specifically, the company is supposedly…

Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Verge And Rock Paper Shotgun Misreport Guild Wars 2 Firings
Guild Wars 2 Misreport

A number of websites have been covering ArenaNet firing two of its developers from the Guild Wars 2 staff. The…

Compete, Kotaku’s E-Sports Division Shutting Down In July
Compete Shutting Down

While a lot of the media have been heavily pushing e-sports as the next big thing (even though it’s really…

Soul Calibur VI’s Female Fighters Get Slut-Shamed, Body-Shamed By Kotaku
Soul Calibur VI Slut Shamed

In age of so-called “Progressive” inclusivity, one thing has remained clear over the last six years: if you don’t adopt…

Patricia Hernandez Is Leaving Kotaku
Patricia Hernandez Kotaku

It appears Kotaku is slowly cleaning up its act. It’s been years in the making and required a lot of…

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier Scorned By SJWs For Winning SPJ Kunkel Award
Jason Schreier Kunkel Award

Kotaku’s Jason Schreier was on the receiving end of the 2017 Society of Professional Journalists’ Kunkel Award. The judges loved…

Overwatch League Articles Misrepresenting Geguri Get Rebuked By E-Sports Consultant
Overwatch Geguri

Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson — yes, the same Grayson who was responsible for destroying what little remained of video game journalism…

キャサリン・フルボデ を ィオーバー怒りを攪拌するKotakuと多角形の試み
Catherine It's Really A Trap

アイデンティティの政治は、現代のゲームへの悩みの種でしかなかったです。すべては、これらの日は、いくつかのフォーム、ファッションや方法で、ジェンダーの政治を中心に、スピーチのいくつかの並べ替えとクエスト、テーマや方向性を泥沼になってきているので、多くのすべての西のゲームとなるよう、identitarianismについてです。それが原因のような、それらを追い抜いている明白な政治問題にいくつかのゲーマーが自分の好きなフランチャイズの一部を支援するオプトアウトしているように普及していますアンドロメダ:マスエフェクトやウルフェンシュタイン2:新しい巨像。 Ads (learn more about our advertising policies here)

TechRaptor Fulminated By SJW Journalists After Valve Featured Site In Curator Update
GamerGate Techraptor

Valve made a post about updating the curator system this fall. The update was posted on October 26th, 2017, discussing…

Gamers Attack Kotaku, Claiming They Covered Up NeoGaf’s Sex Scandals
Kotaku Covers For Neogaf

Kotaku wasn’t the first to report about the NeoGaf sexual misconduct scandal. They weren’t the second, nor the third. In…

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