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SJWs Temporarily Get Nick Rekieta Banned From Twitter For Supporting Vic Mignogna
Vic Mignogna lawsuit - Art by https://twitter.com/Ar_En_Artist

Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta was banned twice from Twitter in a matter of hours. First he was banned for a…

Fortnite dance lawsuits hits a snag following Supreme Court decision

Epic Games has received at least a temporary reprieve from a series of lawsuits filed in recent months concerning specific…

Japan Times Rehashes Anime News Network’s Spurious Coverage Of Vic Mignogna Despite Lawsuit
Vic Mignogna

Certain media outlets continue to persist with the narrative that the allegations against anime voice actor Vic Mignogna are legitimate….

Vic Mignogna’s Lawsuit GoFundMe Surpasses $100,000
Vic Mignogna lawsuit - Art by https://twitter.com/Ar_En_Artist

Anime voice actor Vic Mignogna has been dragged through the mud over the last couple of months, mostly due to…

Vic Mignogna Confirms Lawsuit Is Moving Forward, GoFundMe Will Be Used For Legal Expenses
Vic Mignogna

Anime and video game voice actor Vic Mignogna announced that he was thankful for the support he’s received from fans…

Russ Pitts Steps Down From The Escapist Amid Lawsuit, Blowback From SJWs
Russ Pitts

Following the latest lawsuit update and showdown with Social Justice Warriors, Pitts posted a letter stating that he would be…

The Escapist Lawsuit: Russ Pitts Claims That Deleting Tweets Wasn’t Destroying Evidence
Russ Pitts

Additional court documents have been made available for public perusal courtesy of Robert B. Marks, who is suing Enthusiast Gaming…

Law Firm Moves Forward With Class Action Suit Against Activision Over Securities Fraud
Activision Sued

In early January there were reports going around that Activision was being investigated for market fraud after shareholders complained about…

Westworld Mobile Game Shuts Down April 16th, 2019 Following Bethesda Lawsuit Settlement
Westworld Game

Back in the summer of 2018 Bethesda sued the company making the Westworld mobile game, which was being published by…

Court Docs Allege Gearbox President Randy Pitchford USB Stick Contained Child Porn
Borderlands Tiny Tina

Gearbox Software president, Randy Pitchford, is caught up in a legal row with a former employee. Recent documents have dropped…

Star Control: Origins Discounted On Stardock’s Website After Getting Pulled From GOG, Steam
Star Control Origins

There are bound to be game journalists cheering and jeering from the digital sidelines as the original creators of Star…

Lawyer Pursues Filing Formal Complaint With FTC Over Patreon, PayPal Antitrust Violation
PayPal Censorship

Attorney Lior Leser released a video detailing his intentions to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding…

The Escapist Lawsuit Docs Outline Russ Pitts Erasing Female Journalists’ Achievements
Russ Pitts Fingerbang

The lawsuit involving The Escapist continues to unfold with more court documents being unveiled. They certainly don’t reveal Russ Pitts…

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