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French Court Rules That Valve Offer Resale Option For Steam Purchases
Valve Resale

News is circulating that a district court in Paris, France has ruled in favor of a consumer rights organization in…

Vic Mignogna Lawsuit Against Funimation, #KickVic Ordered Into Mediation
Vic Mignogna

Judge John Chupp, the distract state join presiding over the Vic Mignogna lawsuit against Funimation, Monica Rial, and Ron Toye,…

Nintendo Lawsuit Against RomUniverse Seeks To Shut Site Down
Nintendo Lawsuit

Nintendo filed a lawsuit against RomUniverse, one of the last big emulation websites offering Nintendo ROMs both free and paid….

Nintendo Lawsuit Results In U.K. ISP Blocks On Four Emulation Websites
Nintendo Lawsuit

Four websites have been blocked by U.K.-based internet service providers at the request of Nintendo, following a lawsuit that the…

Hentai Sites Plan Class-Action Lawsuit Against Google Over False DMCA Claims
Gelbooru Google Lawsuit

During the summer various hentai sites were falsely DMCA’d by a mysterious corporation known as the Right Protect Corporation. The…

Enthusiast Gaming Settles Lawsuit Involving Russ Pitts’ Alt-Right, Nazi Accusations
The Escapist Lawsuit Settled

The parent company of Escapist Magazine, Enthusiast Gaming, decided it wasn’t worth the hassle of keeping the battle going and…

Ron Toye, Sean Schemmel Hypocrisy Highlighted In New Videos
Sean Schemmel

Affidavits for Ron Toye and sound clips of Sean Schemmel have surfaced, and it hasn’t reaped very positive results for…

Riot Games Reaches Agreement To Settle Gender Discrimination Class Action Lawsuit
Riot Games Settlement

Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends, announced that they’ve reached an agreement with the aggrieved parties involving the class-action…

LGBT Content Creators Sue YouTube For Discrimination
YouTube Lawsuit

Now that the alphabet soup community is feeling the pinch of YouTube’s censorship, suppression, and demonetization, they decided it was…

Epic Games Facing Potential Class-Action Suit Over Fortnite Account Vulnerability

Back in January of 2019 Checkpoint Research made a post explaining how Fortnite accounts were susceptible to a vulnerability that…

Vic Mignogna Lawsuit Fund Surpasses $200,000, Hearing Scheduled For August 8th
Dragon Ball Super

Minnesota lawyer Nick Rekieta started the GoFundMe for Dragon Ball Super star and anime voice actor, Vic Mignogna, in order…

Lawsuit Funds Being Raised To Sue Public, Private Parties Involved With Assault On Andy Ngo
Andy Ngo Antifa

Lawyer Harmeet K. Dhillon – the same lawyer heading up the lawsuit against Google formerly on behalf of James Damore…

New Star Control Game Is Coming Courtesy Of Paul Reiche, Fred Ford, And Stardock After Reaching Settlement
Star Control Lawsuit

The lawsuit is done. The lawyers have packed it up and went back into their stucco caves, and the original…

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