The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Xbox One Review: Disappearing Act

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Whilst I often find myself disillusioned by walking simulators, I do enjoy the very best of them, especially when there are horror themes or good stories to keep me interested. For example, both Layers of Fear and Outlast are among my favorites, whilst Gone Home and Firewatch also feature in my memory because of their exceptional and emotive storyline. I’ve often wondered how I’d feel about a walking sim that covers both these bases, ramping up the chilling scenes whilst underpinning them with a great story. Continue reading “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Xbox One Review: Disappearing Act”

5 Horror Adventure Games You Will Love and Be Terrified Of

Horror Games

As a gamer, whether you’re a pro or a newbie, you may struggle to find the right horror adventure game you want on the platform that you’re looking for. It can be difficult to find a good game that is well-made and has just the right amount of horror. So, for those of you who enjoy a video game with a good scare that can keep you thrilled and entertained, here’s a list of some games that you will love and be terrified of. Continue reading “5 Horror Adventure Games You Will Love and Be Terrified Of”

Games With Gold For March Includes Borderlands 2, Evolve, Layers of Fear

While Sony feeds their ponies the hairy grub mold from the backside of a fly-ridden mule, Microsoft is wining and dining their bots with fuel fit for melting steel beams. PlayStation gamers are complaining about the PS Vita and PS4 offerings for the PS Plus free games for March, where-as Xbox gamers are nodding in approval at what Microsoft is offering their Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners. Continue reading “Games With Gold For March Includes Borderlands 2, Evolve, Layers of Fear”

Layers Of Fear: Inheritance DLC Launches August 2nd

Blooper Team’s Layers of Fear took the gaming world by surprise, offering fans of horror, puzzle solving and plot-driven gameplay an opportunity to experience something delightfully frightful earlier this year. Well, the developers want to keep the momentum going and will be launching a new set of DLC starting August 2nd called Inheritance. Continue reading “Layers Of Fear: Inheritance DLC Launches August 2nd”

Layers Of Fear Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

It’s not often that we have more than one walkthrough of a game here at One Angry Gamer but in this case Layers of Fear had an Early Access walkthrough but the game wasn’t finished at the time. Well, now it’s finished and there is a complete gameplay walkthrough available covering the game from start to finish for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Continue reading “Layers Of Fear Complete Gameplay Walkthrough”

Layers Of Fear Early Access Walkthrough

There’s a new horror game making some waves on Steam Early Access at the moment, it’s called Layers of Fear and it’s an experimental horror title with a strong artistic edge. It’s made by developers Blooper Team and some players are already looking for some thorough gameplay walkthroughs to help them out with the Early Access horror title. Continue reading “Layers Of Fear Early Access Walkthrough”