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Hellboy’s Second Trailer Features Monsters, Dismemberment, Gore And Dragons
Hellboy Second Trailer

The second trailer for LionsGate’s Hellboy has released and it tries to iron out the plot and give viewers a…

Dragged Across Concrete Trailer Sees Mel Gibson And Vince Vaughn Descend Into Criminal Madness
Dragged Across Concrete

Two police detectives are thrust into a world of organized crime and unexpected violence when they stop being good guys…

The Kid Trailer Pits Ethan Hawke Against Chris Pratt In A Western No-Holds-Barred Showdown
The Kid (2019) Copyright Lionsgate

Lionsgate Studios and Suretone Pictures released a new trailer for the upcoming Western flick, The Kid. The name may not…

Hellboy Trailer Met With Lukewarm Fan Response; Race-Swaps Alice Monaghan
Hellboy Movie 2019

Lionsgate and Millennium Pictures finally released the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot, featuring David Harbour from Stranger Things. Harbour…

I Am Vengeance, Stu Bennett Action Movie Features Anna Shaffer From Netflix’s The Witcher
I Am Vengeance Movie

Saban Films and LionsGate’s I Am Vengeance is currently available on Steam right now. It stars former WWE star Stu…

Maximum Overdrive, Classic Action-Horror Flick Drives Onto Steam
Maximum Overdrive

LionsGate has been releasing some of their properties on Valve’s digital distribution in recent times. It started with a few…

Power Rangers X Street Fighter Live-Action Short Film Coming This Fall
Power Rangers X Street Fighter

Capcom, LionsGate, Hasbro and nWay have all teamed up together for the Power Rangers: Legacy Wars mobile game crossover with…

Dear White People Appears On Steam, Gamers Call Out Valve For Supporting Racism
Dear White People

We recently received notice from gamers who spotted the streaming show Dear White People from Lionsgate on the Steam storefront….

Robin Hood Reboot Seems To Borrow From Green Arrow And Assassin’s Creed
Robin Hood (2018)

Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate seem to be on a role lately trying to tap the dark and gritty market. This…

Hellraiser: Judgment Trailer Makes The Movie Look Cheap
Hellraiser Judgment

The first two Hellraiser films were some of the scariest horror schlock from back in the day. They touched upon…

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Set To Arrive on Steam, Xbox One
Reservoir Dogs Bloody Days

Big Star Games announced that a top-down shooter based on Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs from 1992 called Reservoir Dogs: Bloody…

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Set For Release On March 23rd
Power Rangers Legacy Wars

The original Green Ranger, Jason David Frank, and the new Black Ranger, Ludi Lin, faced off against each other… in…

Power Rangers All-Star Trailer Attempts Go For Lighthearted Appeal
Power Rangers Movie

It’s easy to be overly critical on the upcoming Power Rangers reboot. The movie looks like a hot mess based…

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