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Succubus, Uncensored Action-Horror Title Coming Soon To Steam

Madmind Studios announced that the spin-off to Agony Unrated, titled Succubus, is set to release fairly soon on Steam for…

Agony Unrated Now Available For Download, Switch Version Coming Soon
Agony Unrated

The original publisher of Agony had a binding contract to prevent Madmind Studios from releasing the Adults Only version of…

Unholy, Stealth-Horror Game Courts Controversy Due To Madmind Affiliation
Unholy Game

Duality Games is working on the stealth-horror game called Unholy. It’s not due out until 2019 but the game is…

Agony Unrated Will Finally Launch Uncensored On Steam October 31st
Agony Unrated

Madmind Studios originally brought Agony to Kickstarter with the promise of giving gamers a truly disturbing and horrific tour through…

Agony Unrated Cancelled Due To Legal, Technical Reasons
Agony Unrated

[Update 11/2/2018:] The unrated version of Agony is now available to download from Steam. It includes all of the original…

Agony Unrated Edition Coming To Steam, Contains More Nudity, More Sex Scenes
Agony Unrated

Madmind Studios will be publishing a separate version of Agony called Agony Unrated, which will be given away either for…

Agony’s Deleted Scenes Included Guro Sex, Fetal And Vaginal Mutilation
Agony Uncensored

It’s pretty obvious that the following video is not safe for work at all. In fact, if you’re squeamish and…

Agony Cheats Offer Unlimited Health, Stamina And Astral Time

Is Hell too much for you? Is it a bit unfair in the inferno? Are you finding it hard to…

Agony Gameplay Walkthrough
Agony Gameplay Walkthrough

Madmind Studios’ Agony is now available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The game is a journey into…

Agony Uncensored Patch Will Not Be Available Due To Legal Issues
Agony Censorship

Madmind Studio issued a press statement over on the Steam community page, noting that the uncensored patch that would enable…

Agony’s Main Campaign Is 12 Hours Long; VR Support Coming Via Post-Launch Patch

A slew of information has come forth via a series of tweets about PlayWay and MadMind Studios’ Agony. The PC,…

E3 2017: Agony Gameplay Preview Shows How True Horror-Survival Should Be
Agony E3 2017

The upcoming game Agony from developers MadMind Studios managed to make an appearance during this year’s E3. Both Agony and…

Agony Trailers Feature Jiggly Demon Boobs And Flayed Bodies
Agony Game

MadMind Studios released some new trailers for the Unreal Engine 4-powered horror game, Agony.

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