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Black Widow Movie Trailer Is Basically Female Jason Bourne With Comic Book Costumes
Black Widow (2020)

Marvel Entertainment dropped the first public trailer for the upcoming Black Widow live-action film starring Scarlett Johansson. The movie takes…

Marvel And Games Workshop Partner Up; Warhammer Comic Coming In 2020
Marvel and Games Workshop

Marvel Comics and Games Workshop have partnered up together to create a comic book series based on the Warhammer franchise….

A-Force, All Female Super Hero Team Rumored To Be In Development
Female Avengers

I don’t know how true it is but there are rumors floating around that Kevin Feige, the Marvel executive producer,…

Zoe Quinn Hired By Marvel For Hellcat’s Fearless Story
Fearless 3 Hellcat Zoe Quinn

After Hellcat had a 81% year-over-year sales decline way back in 2017, Marvel cancelled the comic. Comics don’t stay cancelled…

Black Widow Writer Not Interested In “Canon That Is Discriminatory” To Her Values System
Black Widow SJW

Activist writer and feminist Jac Schaeffer is in charge of writing the upcoming Black Widow film, as well as helming…

Alyssa Wong Deleted Around 45,000 Tweets But Not One Saying F*ck Stan Lee
Alyssa Wong

Bounding into comics wrote an article highlighting that Alyssa Wong was hired by Marvel Comics despite calling C.B. Cebulski a…

Thor: Love and Thunder Will See Valkyrie In LGBTQ Relationship
Thor Love and Thunder

If the news about Natalie Portman becoming Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder wasn’t enough to make your stomach churn,…

The Eternals Cast Revealed And Majority Of Them Are Race And Gender-Swapped
Eternals - Lauren Ridloff Makkari

During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel and Disney went all-in on the diversity agenda. After announcing that Thor would…

LifeSiteNews Petitions Marvel To Avoid LGBTQ Agenda For Upcoming Movie The Eternals
Eternals Gay

Marvel Film Studios head honcho Kevin Feige had confirmed back in June of 2018 that during the next phase of…

Avengers: Endgame Second Trailer Portrays The Film As A Grimdark Redemption Tale
Avengers Endgame

Marvel Studios seems to have entrusted the Russo brothers to tell a rather grim redemption tale for the Avengers in…

Captain Marvel Audience Anticipation Rating Plummets To 31%
Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel audience anticipation ratings are plummeting. At the moment, Rotten Tomtaoes is showing that only 31% of 38,115 people…

Media Outlets Purport Captain Marvel Is Being Review Bombed Even Though There Are No Reviews
Captain Marvel

Media outlets such as Comicbook.com, The Independent, GQ.com, CBR.com, Daily Express, Screen Rant, The Mirror, Bleeding Cool, and The Mary…

Captain Marvel’s Brie Larson Continues To Advocate For Fewer White Male Critics
Captain Marvel (Copyright Marvel Entertainment)

Brie Larson, the star of the upcoming Captain Marvel live-action motion picture has reiterated her stance that she believes that…

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