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Dolmen, Cosmic Horror ARPG Surpasses Kickstarter Goal With 18 Days To Go

Brazilian development outfit, Massive Work Studio, recently announced that they managed to surpass the initial Kickstarter goal for their Soulsborne…

Dolmen Fails To Hit Kickstarter Goal, Moves Over To Crytivo For Crowdfunding

Massive Work Studio’s Dolmen is a sci-fi, third-person action game set in a dangerous world filled with H.R. Geiger and…

Dolmen, Deadspace-Inspired Survival Game Seeks Funds on Kickstarter

Massive Work Studio announced that their crowdfunding campaign for the SoulsBorne-inspired action-RPG, Dolmen, is currently underway over on the Kickstarter…

Dolmen Attempts To Combine SoulsBorne Gameplay With Dead Space Horror Themes

Brazilian game developers Massive Work Studio and the Square Enix Collective have announced that Dolmen will make its grand appearance…

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