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Hollow Knight Piano Collection Will Bring The Haunting Score To CD, Vinyl In 2020
Hollow Knight Piano

Team Cherry and Materia Collective announced that the Hollow Knight Piano Collections is currently available for purchase and pre-order. The…

Shadow Of The Colossus Heavy Metal Symphonic Tribute Album Is Available Right Now
Battle With The Colossus

Materia Collective announced that guitarist Ferdk has a new album available, which is a symphonic rock tribute to the PlayStation…

Hit Points Album Gives Skyrim, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, Castlevania Bluegrass Makeover
Final Fantasy VII

Bluegrass music isn’t typically associated with video games. Very few games have actually featured bluegrass folk music. Off the top…

Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger Tribute Album ‘At The End Of Time’ Is Now Available
Chrono Trigger Album

A new tribute album giving a nod to the prolific Japanese composers during the golden age of gaming has recently…

The Legend Of Zelda: Ballads Of Hyrule Album Drops May 1st
Ballads of Hyrule

Materia Collective announced that the Legend of Zelda: Ballads of Hyrule ablum, featuring some fantastic instrumental tunes from Rozen, will…

NieR: Automata Glory To Metal Soundtrack Now Available For Download
Nier Automata Glory To Metal

A four-track digital album from artist Ferdk and music publisher Materia Collective is currently available for purchase and download from…

Legend Of Zelda: Sins Of Hyrule Orchestrated Remix Album Now Available
Legend of Zelda Sins of Hyrule

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Rozen’s Sins of Hyrule album, a collection of orchestrated remixes and rearrangements based…

Cuphead Remixed Album From String Player Gamer Now Available
Cuphead Pluckhead

A rearranged remix album based on the Cuphead soundtrack from String Player Game has recently become available across several different…

Diddy Kong Racing Future Dance Land EDM Tribute Album Now Available
Diddy Kong Racing

Materia Collective announced that Future Dance Land: An Electronic Tribute To Diddy Kong Racing is currently available right now for…

Octorock: The Zelda Metal EP Features Classic Legend Of Zelda Songs As Rock Remixes
Octorock Legend of Zelda

Materia Collective recently announced that the new album Octorock: The Zelda Metal EP is currently available for purchase right now…

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Orchestral Arrangement Album Arrives Oct 30th
Castlevania Symphony of the Nights

Looking for a sweet Halloween treat that hearkens back to the golden age of gaming? Well, you’re in luck because…

The Dark Hunter: Music From Metroid Rock Album Now Available
Metroid Soundtrack - Samus Sexy

The Materia Collective’s The Dark Hunter album is a collection of progressive, atmospheric rock tunes based on Nintendo’s Super Metroid,…

Sonic The Hedgehog Tribute Album, Sonic BeATS, Now Available
Sonic BeATS

The Materia Collective announced that Sonic BeATS is currently available for purchase from the iTunes App Store, Bandcamp, and Spotify….

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