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Battlerite Royale Enters Steam Early access Sept 25th For $19.99
Battlerite Royale

Swedish development outfit Stunlock Studios announced that Battlerite Royale is finally scheduled to become available to wider public starting September…

Battlerite Royale Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Live While Community Unrest Simmers
Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that the closed beta testing for Battlerite Royale – the cross-breed between a MOBA and a Battle…

Switch Blade, Arena Vehicular Game To Hit PC And PS4 On August 28th

Are you into games like Rocket League? Do you like destruction contained in a 5 Vs. 5 arena? Do you…

Blood Ancestors, First-Person MOBA Is Free-To-Play In Open Alpha On Steam
Blood Ancestors Open Alpha

Spanish studio Snowpeak Studio announced that their first-person MOBA, Blood Ancestors has entered into open alpha right now. The alpha…

Hi-Rez Brings Back Furia’s Sexy Outfit For Paladins 1.1 Update
Paladins Uncensored

After the community complained to the high heavens about the Furia censorship, and the social media feeds for Hi-Rez Studios…

Paladins New Champion Furia Gets Censored By Hi-Rez; Gamers Petition For Old Skin
Paladins Furia Censored

[Update 6-5-2018:] Hi-Rez Studios has walked back their stance on censorship, allowing players to play as both a covered up…

Blood Ancestors, Multiplayer First-Person Melee Game Heads Into Open Alpha On Steam
Blood Ancestors

Snowpeak Studio’s Blood Ancestors is a free-to-play, competitive, team-based, first-person melee game. The game sees players choosing between three different…

Paladins Launches With 200 Free Crystals After Two Years Of Being In Early Access
Paladins Early Access

Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins has officially graduated from Early Access and is now out of beta and in its fully released…

Battlerite Will Receive A Battle Royale Mode This Summer
Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that a Battle Royale mode will be added to their MOBA PvP game this summer. The Battle…

League Of Legends SJWs Complain That Kai’Sa’s Neckline Is Too Sexualized
League of Legends Kai Sa

Riot Games lead producer of champions, Ryan Mireles, recently used the Q&A opportunity on the official League of Legends website…

Battlerite Trailer Introduces Ulric The Paladin Champion
Battlerite - Ulric

Stunlock Studios released a new trailer for their latest hero set to arrive on the roster, Ulric The Unwavering Light….

Battlerite Mimics Blizzard By Introducing New Character With Animated Short

Stunlock Studios is taking a page out of Blizzard’s handbook of promotion. They’ve decided to introduce their characters with animated…

Kai’sa, League of Legend’s Latest Champion Revealed
League of Legends Kai'sa

Riot Games has a brand new character for the League of Legends community, giving the diehard fans an opportunity to…

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