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League Of Legends Taiwanese Client Censors “Tiananmen”, “Freedom”, “Truth”, “Great Firewall”
League of Legends Censorship

Taiwanese gamers found out that despite Riot Games protesting any inclination to adopt China’s censorship practices for League of Legends,…

League Of Legends Censors “Uyghur”, Riot Says They’re Investigating
Riot Censorship

Some gamers who have been playing League of Legends noticed that the ethnic term “Uyghur” has been censored in the…

Riot Games Bars League Of Legends Players From Discussing Politics During Broadcasts
League of Legends Hong Kong Censorship

John Needham, the global head of League of Legends e-sports, sent out a public letter making it known that Riot…

Paladins Contest Disqualifies Artist’s “Impossible Talia” Skin Because He Previously Drew An Evil Nazi
Impossible Talia

Evil Mojo Games and Hi-Rez Studios held a skin contest for the multiplayer hero shooter game, Paladins. There was one…

Editorial: A Trip Down Memory Lane With Hi-Rez’s Censorship Of Nox’s Taunt In Smite
Smite Censorship

Smite has evolved to be one of the best looking MOBA games to date, thanks to utilizing the stable and…

Riot Games Chastises League Of Legends eSports Teams For Perceived Discrimination Against All-Female Team
League of Legends Vaevictis eSports

Riot Games has issued warnings to two teams who competed against an all-female in League of Legends. The infractions? Gender…

Dark Eclipse, PSVR MOBA Updated With New Ranked Mode
Dark Eclispe

MOBAs are a dime a dozen on PC and mobile devices. You can encounter them while you’re browsing for gacha-titty…

Fractured Space Development Support Is Ending
Fractured Space

Edge Case Games announced that it’s shutting down Fractured Space. Cash shop purchases are being brought to cessation while the…

Hyper Universe PC Version Shutting Down December 19th
Hyper Universe Shutting Down

Nexon has announced that the English version of Hyper Universe is shutting down in North America starting this fall. The…

Ascendant One Guide Explains How To Enable English Early Access
Ascendant One Beta

Nexon and devCat’s Ascendant One is a sci-fi MOBA game currently going through testing in early access over in South…

Hyper Universe Shutting Down In Korea On November 15th
Hyper Universe Shutting down

Nexon announced that the South Korean servers for Hyper Universe will be shutting down starting November 15th, 2018 next month….

Battlerite Royale Enters Steam Early access Sept 25th For $19.99
Battlerite Royale

Swedish development outfit Stunlock Studios announced that Battlerite Royale is finally scheduled to become available to wider public starting September…

Battlerite Royale Closed Beta Sign-Ups Are Live While Community Unrest Simmers
Battlerite Royale

Stunlock Studios announced that the closed beta testing for Battlerite Royale – the cross-breed between a MOBA and a Battle…

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