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King Of Fighters Allstar 3D Beat-‘Em-Up Heads West Later This Year For iOS, Android Devices
King of Fighters Allstar

Netmarble announced that King of Fighters Allstar will release in North America on the iTunes App Store and the Google…

Xbox Live Support Is coming to iOS And Android Games

Microsoft is looking to bring its popular Xbox Live service to more gamers than ever, this week announcing the arrival…

PUBG Banned In Several Indian Cities For Being Too Addictive, Violent
PUBG Banned

PUBG Corporation’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been banned in several cities in India, with police threatening to arrest people who have…

Tencent Uses Facial Recognition To Digitally Lock PUBG Mobile In China For Gamers Under 13
PUBG Mobile

Tencent is digitally locking games like Honor of Kings and PUBG Mobile from those under the age of 13.

Fate/Grand Order’s Emiya Altered For Western Release, Prompting Some To Call It Censorship
Fate Grand Order Censorship

Aniplex and DelightWorks’ Fate/Grand Order’s Western version hasn’t been able to stay out of the spotlight of controversy recently. Some…

Massive layoffs Are Underway At Electronic Arts’ FireMonkeys Studio
Real Racing 3

Back in 2012 two studios under Electronic Arts — FireMint and IronMonkey — merged together to make FireMonkeys. The studio…

Criminal Girls X Punishment System Can’t Be Done Due To Recent Rating Conditions
Criminal Girls X

Ryoei Mikage, the head honcho of Mikage LLC, the development studio working on Criminal Girls X, told the Japanese outlet…

Nexon Changes AxE Costumes And Characters Via ‘Culturalization’ To Appeal To West
AxE Alliance x Empire (Copyright Nexon)

According to a hands-on preview posted up over on Noisy Pixel on February 13th, 2019, the outlet had an opportunity…

Mad World Is A Grimdark, Hand-Drawn Post-Apocalyptic MMO
Mad World

Korean developer Jandisoft announced that they have a brand new MMO in the works called Mad World. The game is…

NCSoft Lays Off Iron Tiger Studio Staff Working On Unannounced Mobile Project
Aion Legions of War

Reports are going around that NCSoft laid off an undisclosed amount of staff from their subsidiary, Iron Tiger Studios. This…

The Gyee: Gay Chinese Action-RPG Designed To Bring LGBTQ Awareness To Mainland China
The Gyee Screenshot

Kiwifruit Studio’s The Gyee: The Gay Legend is a gay-themed, mobile action-RPG featuring Japanese-inspired artwork and character archetypes, but the…

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Mystery Game Banned From Google Play For Cleavage, Bikini Images
Vera Blanc Censored

Italian indie developer, Winter Wolves, lamented their game Vera Blanc: Full Moon, being banned from the Google Play store for…

Azur Lane English Version Update Censors Loading Screen Pantsu, Cleavage [Update]
Azur Lane Censored

[Update 2/1/2019:] On Twitter user Michal confirmed that in the latest update for the English version of Azur Lane, the…

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