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Square Enix Pulls Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts Game From Belgium Due To Loot Box Ban
Square Enix Loot Boxes

Instead of implementing a more modest and consumer-friendly monetization method for the games Mobius Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts Union X…

SINoAlice, Gothic Fairy-Tale RPG From Yoko Taro Is Coming To iOS, Android

Nexon announced that it’s teamed up with Square Enix and Pokelabo to bring Yoko Taro’s SINoAlice to iOS and Android…

Aion 2, Blade And Soul 2 Announced For Mobile Devices
Blade and Soul 2 - Credit NCSoft

Following on the heated news that Diablo Immortal would be a mobile-only title coming out of the partnership efforts between…

Belgium Loot-Box Law Affects Multiple Square Enix Mobile Games

A new report has surfaced highlighting multiple Square Enix mobile games that will be affected by the Belgium loot-box law…

Blizzard Claims Diablo Immortal Isn’t A NetEase Reskin, Was Built From Ground-Up
Diablo Immortal vs Guardians of Light

During the BlizzCon reveal of Diablo Immortal, it was discovered that Blizzard had teamed up with renown publisher NetEase for…

Diablo Immortal Gets Downvoted To Oblivion Causing SJWs And NPCs To Attack Gamers
Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment announced Diablo Immortal at this year’s BlizzCon to a resounding chorus of boos from the audience in attendance….

Planes Of Eros H-RPG APK Download Now Available On Nutaku
Planes of Eros

Looking for a hardcore H-game for your Android device? Well, Nutaku has you covered with the recently released Planes of…

Anker’s PowerWave 7.5 Wireless Charging Pad And Stand Works With iPhone XS Line
Anker Powerwave 7

Earlier this year the electronics company Anker released its new PowerWave 7.5 wireless charging pad and stand. Both new chargers…

Microsoft’s Surface Go 10-Inch Budget Tablet At Its Lowest Price
Surface Go 10

In a previous article about Microsoft’s budget tablet, it detailed how Microsoft was planning on releasing a 10-inch budget tablet…

Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X Smartphone Could Be Closer To A Launch Date
Galaxy X Smartphone

Reports regarding the folding hand phones have been circulating more frequently in recent times than ever before. There has been…

Apple Watch Series 4 New Infograph Watch Face Features 8 Complications
Apple Watch

The tech giant should be quite proud right now, the new Apple Watch Series 4 redesign and re-engineered functionality so…

Apple Debuts iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, And iPhone XR
iPhone XS

On September 12th Apple debuted three of its new iPhones at the Steve Jobs Theater, which is located at the…

Blackberry’s Motion Smartphone Receives Optimization For Android 8.0
Axiom Blackberry

In January 2018, the company TCL released its 5.5-inch Blackberry Motion smartphone, the design of this sporty yet up-to-date Blackberry…

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