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Morphite Nintendo Switch Review: Elite-le Bit at a Time
Morphite Review

Pitched somewhere between Elite Dangerous, Metroid and No Man’s Sky, and originally released for mobile devices,¬†Morphite¬†is an interesting and currently…

Morphite, Exploration Game Channels No Man’s Sky With Platforming

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is doing quite well as of this moment despite the fiasco that followed its release….

Morphite, Sci-Fi Shooter Arrives On Nintendo Switch, PS4, XB1 September 7th

A stylistic, 3D platforming, sci-fi shooter set within a procedurally generated galaxy from Crescent Moon Games, We’re Five Games and…

Morphite: Exploration Space Adventure Game Comes To Greenlight

Indie developers Crescent Moon Games recently posted their new first-person adventure game titled, Morphite, onto Steam Greenlight, and they say…

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