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Aion 2, Blade And Soul 2 Announced For Mobile Devices
Blade and Soul 2 - Credit NCSoft

Following on the heated news that Diablo Immortal would be a mobile-only title coming out of the partnership efforts between…

Master X Master Shuts Down January 31st, 2018 Despite Censoring Characters
Master X Master

NCSoft has announced that they will be shutting down Master X Master starting January 31st, 2018. The game hasn’t been…

Blade And Soul Beginner Crafting And Gathering Guide
Blade and Soul Crafting Guide

Blade & Soul is now available officially in North America. NCSoft’s free-to-play MMORPG has been out in other regions for…

Blade And Soul Censorship Discussions, E-Mail Campaigns Get Censored By Mods
Blade and Soul e-mail campaign censored

What’s the best way to make angry gamers stop talking about a subject? Censor it. That’s been the go-to problem…

Blade And Soul Censored By Localization Team To Make It More Welcoming
Blade and Soul Localization Censorship

There’s been budding discussion over the past couple of days after a conversation involving the localization of Blade & Soul…

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