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David Rutter, The Man Behind FIFA Ultimate Team Will Oversee Battlefield, Battlefront, And Need For Speed

Get ready for full-on microtransactions, loot-boxes pushed to the extreme, and other live-service mechanics invading games that already have MTX…

Electronic Arts Will Reveal New Need For Speed Game On August 14th, 2019

Need for Speed Payback launched with microtransactions and current year diversity. In other words, this new Need for Speed that’s…

Electronic Arts Reportedly To Announce New Need For Speed Game This August

Need for Speed Payback, a game that released in late 2017, is the work of Electronic Arts and Ghost Games….

Need For Speed 2017 Advertised With Offline Single-Player, Pause Feature
Need For Speed

It’s [current year], and for millennials that means that we live in a backwards world where common sense and basic…

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