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Light Fairytale, Classically-Themed 3D JRPG Enters Early Access On Steam
Light Fairytale

Neko.Works — not to be confused with Nekopara’s NEKO WORKS — announced that Light Fairytale is currently available right now on…

Nekopara Devs Add Secret Boob Jiggle To Censored PS4 Version
Nekopara Vol 1 PS4 Boob Jiggle

A gamer discovered that there’s a hidden boob bounce feature in the version of Nekopara Vol. 1 on the PlayStation…

Super Night Riders, Retro Arcade Racer Rides Onto PS4 For $7.99
Super Night Riders

Neko Works’ Super Night Riders, the 3D arcade-style racing game, has finally made its way onto the PS4 after initially…

NEKOPARA Extra Now Available On Steam With Plenty Of Lolis

If you enjoyed the NEKOPARA series but felt as if there were just too many fully developed, voluptuous catgirls to…

MONMUSU 18+ Uncensored Patch Available For Download

The apropriately named Tentacle Games and Neko Works recently released the monster girl game, MONMUSU, a free-to-play idle simulation onto…

Nekopara Vol. 3 Lands On Steam, 18+ Uncensored Patch Available From Denpasoft
Nekopara Vol 3

Neko Works and Sekai Project announced that Nekopara Vol. 3 is currently available for download from Valve’s Steam storefront. The…

Neko Works’ Light Fairytale JRPG Travels To Kickstarter

I’m sure a lot of gamers are tired of certain buzzword-genres being thrown around whenever a crowd-funding venture pops up….

Nekopalive Features Catgirls Singing And Dancing In VR

If Facebook wants to fight and block the new wave of porn for virtual reality headsets, they can attempt to…

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