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ResetEra Member Threatens Lawsuit Over Leaked Discussions From Secret Discord
ResetEra Pedophile

ResetEra has a secret Discord channel that not everyone is allowed into. A member going by the handle of Celine…

Editorial: Mr. NeoGAF wants hostility within the culture war to end — how can he obtain that?
Tyler Malka

[Disclosure: This is a guest editorial] Tyler Malka (a.k.a. EviLore) is the current owner of NeoGAF, a once critical forum…

NeoGaf’s Tyler Malka Wants To Remove Line In The Sand Between #GamerGate and SJWs
Vivian James - BruceIsTheBatman - Reddit

A rogue angel must have dropped a sleigh of dry ice in Hell’s furnace, because I’m sure some people read…

Ex-NeoGaf Mod, Christopher Goldberg, Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Child Porn
Goldberg GamerGate

Former NeoGaf moderator and staunchly anti-#GamerGate activist, Christopher “Amir0x” Goldberg has been sentenced to one to two years of state…

Former NeoGaf Mod Amir0x Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography
Amir0x GamerGate

Former NeoGaf moderator and anti-#GamerGate critic, Christopher John Goldberg, has pled guilty to a single count of child pornography. Readers…

ResetERA Bans Users Supporting GamerGate; Prohibits Discussion About Colin Moriarty
Denis Dyack - Toshi_TNE

The remnants of NeoGaf’s moderation staff left after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against NeoGaf’s owner, Tyler Malka. Malka dismissed…

NeoGaf Owner Tyler Malka Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are Baseless, Ridiculous
GamerGate - Tyler Malka

NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka avoided making a public statement about the sexual misconduct allegations leveled at him over the weekend….

Gamers Attack Kotaku, Claiming They Covered Up NeoGaf’s Sex Scandals
Kotaku Covers For Neogaf

Kotaku wasn’t the first to report about the NeoGaf sexual misconduct scandal. They weren’t the second, nor the third. In…

4chan’s /v/ Bans Discussion About NeoGaf Sexual Misconduct Scandal
Tyler Malka GamerGate 4chan

In a move to disperse and suppress the damage being done to NeoGaf’s reputation, 4chan’s moderators running the video game…

NeoGaf Mods Resign Amid Claims Of Sexual Misconduct Committed By Owner
Tyler Malka GamerGate NeoGaf

NeoGaf owner Tyler Malka has a sordid history of being a sexual harasser. These claims were oftentimes buried or squashed…

SJWs Try To Start Controversy Over JonTron’s Role In A Hat In Time
A Hat in Time

Polygon published an article on October 5th, 2017 alongside the launch of Gears For Breakfast’s crowdfunded 3D platformer, A Hat…

Former NeoGaf Mod And Anti-#GamerGate Critic Arrested For Child Porn
Neogaf GamerGate

Christopher John Goldberg, aged 32, was arrested and charged on the morning of June 28th, 2017 for possessing child pornography….

NeoGaf Bans Lots Of Members Over Controversial Sex Topic
Neogaf Bans

NeoGaf has been handing out indiscriminate temporary bans for people openly disagreeing with an article from USGamer’s Jeremy Parish about…

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