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After Getting Woke Syfy’s Wyonna Earp Is On The Verge Of Going Broke
Wyonna Earp

Praised by Left-wing critics and Social Justice Warriors as a show about proper representation and diversity, IDW Publishing’s Wyonna Earp…

Netflix Working On Dragon’s Dogma Anime
Dragon's Dogma Anime

Netflix will be producing a number of animated projects based on other live-action shows and video games, including an anime…

The Highwaymen’s Badass Trailer Shows Netflix Is Still Trying To Court Men
The Highwaymen

Netflix’s Left-leaning – or more like Left-laying – agenda is too obvious to miss. A lot of the original shows…

Netflix Cancels Woke Version Of The Punisher, Jessica Jones
The Punisher Netflix

A lot of people were looking forward to Netflix’s rendition of The Punisher after Frank Castle’s nascent appearance on another…

Netflix Reportedly Developing Resident Evil TV Series
Netflix Resident Evil

Netflix is reportedly developing a television series based on Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise, especially following on the success of Resident…

POLAR Trailer Sees Mads Mikkelsen Embracing His Inner Metal Gear-Hitman
POLAR (2019)

Combine some of the odd aesthetic flavorings of Metal Gear Solid with its over-the-top characters with the solemn, villain-vs-villain stylings…

Netflix’s Carmen Sandiego Trailer Puts Carmen On Pants, Turns Her Into An Anti-Villain
Carmen Sandiego

Netflix released the full trailer for the reboot of Carmen Sandiego, which stars Gina Rodriguez from the CW show Jane…

How Woke Is Bird Box? Examining Netflix Film’s SJW Elements
Bird Box (2019)

The trailers for the Netflix film Bird Box almost looked promising, but there was an underlying feeling that nagged and…

The Punisher Season 2 Gets Woke: Main Villain Is Alt-Right Christian Fundamentalist
The Punisher

When Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said that the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be getting more “diverse” and “inclusive”, most…

Kingdom’s Netflix Trailer Reveals South-Korean Period-Piece About Zombie Uprising
Kingdom 2019

Netflix is converged. We all know this. However, sometimes Netflix produces some pretty awesome material, and while we can acknowledge…

Netflix’s Saint Seiya Gender-Swaps Andromeda Shun To Push Gender Agenda, According To Producer
Saint Seiya Netflix 2019

Toei Animation and Netflix’s Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac is already off to a horrible start with original fans….

Netflix Sets Sights On Ghost In The Shell: SAC 2045, Set To Air 2020
Ghost In The Shell

Netflix may have expunged many of its Marvel shows from its line-up of original programming, but someone at the streaming…

Netlix’s Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Has SJW NPCs Languishing Over Whitewashing Diversity
Cowboy Bebop Race-Swapped

No one can enjoy anything anymore. That’s the basic principal ethos that governs the mindset of the typical Social Justice…

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