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The King Of Fighters Allstar Update Gender-Swaps The Guys Into Hot Waifus And Lolis
The King of Fighters All Stars

Close the door, pull up the covers and whip out your socks, boys, because we have a hot one for…

BTS World Is Ready To Wreck Teenage Girl Panties Come June 25th
BTS World

Oh boy, you might want to grab some tartar sauce to go with all that fresh fish juice now that…

King Of Fighters Allstar 3D Beat-‘Em-Up Heads West Later This Year For iOS, Android Devices
King of Fighters Allstar

Netmarble announced that King of Fighters Allstar will release in North America on the iTunes App Store and the Google…

Lineage 2: Revolution Female Characters Censored For Western Release
Lineage 2 Censorship

NetMarble’s Lineage 2: Revolution originally launched in Asia back in 2016 and only recently made its way to the West…

Seven Knights English Version Censors Cleavage, Thighs, Midriffs
Seven Knights Censorship

NetMarble’s mobile game Seven Knights managed to make its way to the West after originally launching in Japan a while…

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