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New York Times Editor Callously Associates Gaming With White Nationalism
How Do you Do

“Assistant professor of game studies” Megan Condis published an article on nytimes.com on March 27th, 2019, in which she made…

New York Times Defends Editor Sarah Jeong For Her Racist Tweets
Sarah Jeong

The New York Times recently hired in Sarah Jeong from The Verge to be a part of their editorial board….

New York Times, Wall Street Journal Plunging Profits Result In Staff Cuts

Amidst a year of propaganda-pushing, biased reporting, fact-free coverage and cover-ups of scandals rocking the nation, the New York Times,…

New York Times Targeting $60 Million In Revenue From Native Ads
Orange is the New Black

Disclosure in media journalism has been a big topic in the past couple of years thanks to grass roots consumer…

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