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New Zealand’s Whitcoulls Removes Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life Due To Christchurch Shooting
Jordan Peterson

New Zealand bookstore Whitcoulls has removed Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life in response to the Christchurch shooting that took…

Voat Blocked In New Zealand; Internet User Arrested For Sharing Video Of Christchurch Shooting
New Zealand Christchurch Censorship

New Zealand authorities have deemed it illegal to discuss or share the manifesto and video footage of the Christchurch shooting….

Burger King, ASB, Spark Reportedly Pull Ads From Facebook, Google For Not Censoring New Zealand Shooting
New Zealand Shooter Google Facebook

Even though major social media services have been censoring the Christchurch, New Zealand shooting since it happened, apparently the censorship…

Bitchute, Archive.is, Liveleak, 8chan Reportedly Blocked In New Zealand Due To Christchurch Shooting
Bitchute Blocked

Even though Bitchute.com has been removing videos of the massacre that took place in Christchurch, New Zealand, the site is…

New Zealand Police Requested Personal Data From Kiwifarms Users Who Discussed Shooter Manifesto, Video
New Zealand Police

The Christchurch shooter’s manifesto and live-feed video have been censored from many websites at the request of New Zealand police….

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