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SINoAlice, Gothic Fairy-Tale RPG From Yoko Taro Is Coming To iOS, Android

Nexon announced that it’s teamed up with Square Enix and Pokelabo to bring Yoko Taro’s SINoAlice to iOS and Android…

Kotaku Tries To Pressure Nexon To Remove Trump, MAGA Items From MapleStory 2
MapleStory 2

On October 17th, 2018 Kotaku published an article titled “MapleStory 2 Players Keep Submitting And Selling Bigoted Items To The…

Hyper Universe PC Version Shutting Down December 19th
Hyper Universe Shutting Down

Nexon has announced that the English version of Hyper Universe is shutting down in North America starting this fall. The…

Ascendant One Guide Explains How To Enable English Early Access
Ascendant One Beta

Nexon and devCat’s Ascendant One is a sci-fi MOBA game currently going through testing in early access over in South…

Hyper Universe Shutting Down In Korea On November 15th
Hyper Universe Shutting down

Nexon announced that the South Korean servers for Hyper Universe will be shutting down starting November 15th, 2018 next month….

Nexon Confirms MapleStory 2 Global Release Won’t Be Censored
MapleStory 2 Censorship

After an outcry and some negative feedback from the community circles surrounding the censorship global release of MapleStory 2, Nexon…

Tango 5 Reloaded, Grid-Based PvP Game Enters Closed Beta On July 18th
Tango 5 Reloaded

PvP tactical strategy games aren’t very common; they’re a niche within a niche. I was quite surprised to learn that…

MapleStory 2: How To Install English Patch For Chinese, Korean Version
MapleStory 2

If you can’t wait for the open beta version of MapleStory 2 in the West, and would prefer to grab…

MapleStory 2 Global Version Censorship Leaves Gamers Disgruntled [Updated]
MapleStory 2 Censorship

[Update 7/19/2018:]  Nexon has reneged on the censorship and confirmed that MapleStory 2 won’t be censored. [Original article:] The Korean…

MapleStory 2 Goes Full 3D With Platforming, Vehicles, Voxel Maps
MapleStory 2

Nexon really took a completely different approach with the design of MapleStory 2. The upcoming MMO takes all of the…

Nexon Is Being Fined For Lack Of Drop Rate Transparency In Sudden Attack And CSO2

Nexon is reported to face two fines for their service setup when it comes to percentage chance for games like…

MapleStory Blitz Updated With Zakum’s Altar
MapleStory Blitz

The mobile trading card game, MapleStory Blitz, has been updated with brand new content, this time featuring Zakum’s Altar, which…

Evangelion Content Arrives In MapleStory For A Limited Time
MapleStory x Evangelion

Nexon may be working on getting MapleStory 2 finished in time for an international release at some point in the…

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