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53% Of Fans Actually Think E-Sports Is A Real Sport
esports nielsen

Nielsen’s e-sports business vertical recently released a new set of stats on the landscape of electronic sporting, and how fans…

77% Of E-Sports Fans Are Males; 61% Are Millennials
esports gender demographics

Nielsen Media’s latest U.S. Games 360 Report for 2017 sheds a lot of light on the current state of the…

Nearly 13% Of Gamers Spend Less On Games Due To Back Catalog
Gaming 2017

38% of gamers plan to spend less on games this year compared to last year. What were the reasons for…

Only 13% Of Hardcore Gamers Plan On Buying An Xbox Scorpio
Xbox Scorpio

New survey stats have been published by Nielsen Media in their U.S. Games 360 Report, covering a wide range of…

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